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Cloud-Based Innovation, Fund Accounting Expertise

Over 30 years of research and development went into making Financial Edge the most comprehensive, purpose-built accounting solution for nonprofits. With Financial Edge NXTTM, we’re bringing this thorough understanding of the unique needs and desires of nonprofits to the cloud, delivering a whole new level of performance and accessibility. Reliable, intuitive, and fully-integrated, our all-in-one solution brings you the most advanced technology and powerful tools to empower transparency, stewardship, and compliance.

Improve Performance,
Lower Costs

Taking your accounting platform to the cloud with Financial Edge NXT not only reduces your IT and third-party costs, but it also ensures that you always have latest, most advanced technology and tools to help your accounting team streamline workflow and make collaboration easier. Add in the world’s largest support network and you have all the resources you need to maximize every dollar and every opportunity for you organization.

More than 6,000 nonprofits and governmental organizations trust Blackbaud to manage their accounting needs



Accounts Payable

Make payments easier and more efficient, using whatever method you deem best.

Cash Management

Manage multiple accounts and make payment adjustments, account activity, and bank reconciliation easy.

Purchase Orders

Track the order process from the initial requisition through generation of accounts payable invoices.


General Ledger

All transactions flow seamlessly from other modules into General Ledger’s accounts and projects.

Project, Grant, and Endowment Management

Extra levels of tracking make it simple to separate and report on activity for various projects and programs without creating complex account structures.

Allocation Management

Enjoy automatic mechanisms for direct and indirect allocations, as well as reallocations.

Consolidation Management

Let staff easily and efficiently consolidate and report on financial information across separate databases.



Fast, flexible reporting in the cloud allows you to customize formats to your needs and access critical information on the spot.

Budget Management

Build complicated budgets with ease while managing multiple years, scenarios, and programs.

Advanced Budget ManagementTM

Take advantage of powerful budgeting and in-depth analysis and reporting features.

F9® Reporting

Enjoy a powerful, easy-to-use reporting tool that dynamically links General Ledger data to Microsoft Excel®.


Accounts Receivable

Track individual clients, organizations, and funding sources separately.

Accounting Queue

Schedule a sequence of tasks that can be executed automatically and unattended.

WebInvoicing and WebPurchasing

Exchange information, manage invoice requests, approve expenses, and initiate workflows in real time through an integrated, online portal.

Raiser’s Edge NXTTM Integration

Achieve a holistic view of your fundraising and grant management with direct integration to the world’s leading CRM for nonprofits.


Simplify your payroll administration and human resources procedures.


Application Programming Interface (API)

Integrate with third-party systems to ensure efficiency and eliminate the need to re-key financial data.

Advanced Security

Protect confidential information with full security on accounts, projects, reports, and queries.

Raiser’s Edge NXTTM Integration

Improve system controls and ensure consistent cross-department data by posting directly from Raiser’s Edge NXT to your general ledger.

Secure Cloud Environment

Benefit from Blackbaud’s expertise to keep your data secure and available in our cloud environment.

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Built for Nonprofits,
Powered by the Cloud

Inspire Confidence

For supporters and stakeholders, Financial Edge NXT allows you to deliver a whole new level of transparency with fast, flexible reporting. The modernized, user-friendly interface makes managing and tracking performance easier while powerful, built-in reporting tools help you generate and share accurate, real- time reports. The result? A more comprehensive, clear view of your organization’s financial landscape and improved ability to communicate it across your team, leadership, donors, and more.

Simplicity, Reliability, Accuracy

Leveraging our expertise and experience as the only fund accounting solution designed specifically for nonprofits, Financial Edge NXT delivers the same unparalleled grant management, reporting, budgeting, and expenses management as its predecessor but with improved data accuracy and dramatically reduced manual processes and duplicative entry. From the general ledger to accounts payable, endowments to fixed assets, Financial Edge NXT puts your organization’s finances at your fingertips in a single, easy-to-use, easy-to-access platform.

Powerful Real-Time Analysis and Reporting

Financial Edge NXT brings your organization’s finances into clear view with instant access to real-time information and analytics. Intuitive dashboards, drill-down reporting, and custom layout tools help you focus on the information that’s most important to you, making it easier than ever to get critical information and insight and make important decisions for your organization.

Monitor key metrics, such as financial statement analysis, program-to-expense ratios, and cash balances; manage budgets by department, grant, program, or project; and track grant requirements, restrictions, and performance right from your accounting dashboard. Best of all, Financial Edge NXT makes it incredibly simple to combine web reports or quickly export to Excel®—enabling you to share insight and accurate, up-to-date numbers with internal decision makers or external stakeholders.

Smarter Fundraising through Better Analysis

Break down the walls between your financial systems and relationship management solutions with full integration between Financial Edge NXT and Raiser’s Edge NXTTM. The combined power of our cloud platforms allows you to improve your data integration and analysis, eliminating the time investment and potential for error that comes with duplicative data entry processes between systems. The result? Better collaboration that drives new, more powerful ways to identify fundraising prospects and activate existing supporters.

Fully Integrated

In addition to Raiser’s Edge NXT, Financial Edge NXT also delivers complete integration with your other favorite Blackbaud solutions. And because Financial Edge NXT is built with an open API, you can also plug in and integrate other third-party applications.

Manage More Grants with Less Effort

Increase your ability to take on and manage grants with full program and grant financials that ensure accuracy and compliance. Financial Edge NXT offers efficient grant and project accounting, allowing you to better manage budgets as well as monitor and evaluate program effectiveness in real time. Track restricted gifts and funds to stay compliant with funder requirements while enhancing transparency into day-to-day operations of budgets and programs. Proactively monitoring areas of risk will improve your effectiveness in stewarding resources and inspiring confidence in stakeholders.

What Customers Are Saying

WINGS for Kids, a South Carolina nonprofit that helps children develop social and emotional intelligence through fresh and fun after-school programs, discusses its mission and how Financial Edge NXT helps enable growth and success. Hear how having a financial management solution that’s accessible, robust, and user friendly is empowering this incredible organization to change lives every day.

Financial Edge NXT provides us with a scalable solution that saves us time, increases accuracy, and improves financial transparency within the organization”
– Adam Pomerantz, Chief Financial Officer, WINGS for Kids

New Customers

For new customers, or those not currently using Financial Edge™, Financial Edge NXT will be offered in subscription packages that will include maintenance and hosting and eliminate recurring costs. Get started quickly with minimal upfront investment and comprehensive, value-added packages that reduce the need to purchase add-on modules. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more and see the solution in action.

Existing Customers

Existing customers using Financial Edge may be eligible for customer discounts on Financial Edge NXT. We understand the investment you’ve made, and we are committed to making the transition to Financial Edge NXT attractive and easy for you. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more and see the solution in action.

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