Mastercard Compliance: Best Practice Recommendations

In 2022, Mastercard updated its recurring subscription requirements in an effort to provide clarity and transparency to consumers and to discourage the use of billing practices perceived to be harmful or deceptive.

We created this resource to provide examples of how each requirement can be met using Altru functionality as it exists today. To read recommendations, expand each requirement below. For more information, visit Blackbaud's Mastercard Compliance resource site.

Note: In October 2022, Mastercard modified its requirements to become "best practice recommendations" for most nonprofits. These standards are now requirements ONLY for nonprofit and charity merchants that are identified for at least four months in the Acquirer Chargeback Monitoring Program (ACMP) or similar program. ACMP is a Mastercard program that identifies and mitigates high chargeback rates amongst merchants. Merchants (including nonprofits) enrolled in ACMP or a similar Mastercard program are still required to follow the new rules.

Note: As always, it is best to work with your organization's legal advisor, who is familiar with your practices and constituents, to determine your obligations under the card rules and other requirements to which your organization may be subject. Nothing in this help topic should be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances.