Edit a Workstation's Payment Terminal Settings

To use an EMV-certified payment terminal, first register the device through the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal. Then, enable it from the workstation's record in Altru.

Note: Before you enable a payment terminal, ensure the workstation is configured and its machine status is confirmed. For more information, see Add a workstation.

  1. Select the Payment Terminal - EMV tab.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Select whether to enable the EMV-certified terminal for card present credit card processing.

  4. Choose the terminal to use at the workstation.

    Note: Don't see your payment terminal in the list? If a machine doesn't have access to the device, or the device isn't registered with your BBMS account, it can't be assigned to the workstation configured on that machine.

  5. Select which sales methods will use the payment terminal to process card present payments. All available sales methods are selected by default – if you don't plan to use a payment terminal in a particular sales method at the workstation, deselect it from the list.

  6. When finished, click Save.

After the payment terminal is enabled, all card present credit card payments processed at this workstation must be entered through the device in the selected sales methods.

Warning: Currently, Payment Terminal supports one-time payments only. Recurring memberships are not supported. For more information, visit Knowledgebase.

Tip: Payments made via a contactless method — such as tap-to-pay and mobile wallets — display with "No Name" under the payment's credit card details. This is a policy instituted by the major credit card companies and is designed to protect personal information from malicious attacks.