Publish disbursements

A disbursement is a collection of data points about an recipient—often related to the original awarding criteria.

Disbursements appear in Stewardship Management after you place Post-Acceptance or Renewal applications into a disbursing category (e.g., Awarded).

Publish disbursements to make them visible in the donor portal or include them in donor reports.

For a list of disbursements ready to be published, go to Stewardship, Dashboard and then select Disbursements to publish.

Note: You can also see disbursements by going to Stewardship, Awards, Disbursements. To identify unpublished disbursements, look for those without a date in the Published column.

Note: To see all disbursements related to a single donor contact, go to Stewardship, Awards, Award By Contact. For more details, see Awards by contact.