Assignment Annotations

Assignment Annotations make it possible for teachers to leave various types of feedback on files that students submit with assignments. Files can be annotated in the browser without needing to print or download, and students are able to immediately view annotations added to their submitted files.

Check out the annotation tool in this video.

Before annotating, teachers must first allow file submissions for the assignments they want to annotate by enabling In-system Submission in the assignment settings. For more information on assignment settings, see Assignments

Once students submit their files, teachers can view and annotate the submissions by going to Assignment Details, selecting a student, then selecting their file upload under Submitted files. The file and the annotation tools will open in the browser and can be expanded by selecting Full screen.

Warning: If a file was previously annotated with the old annotation tool (available before July 2022), opening the file in the new tool will remove the old annotations and they cannot be recovered. Teachers will need to recreate the annotations in the new tool.

Student view of annotations

A student can immediately view annotations added to their submitted files.

From the Student Assignment Center or Assignments tab on their class page, a student selects the assignment name to open their detail view of the assignment. Under Files, they simply select View annotation. They can print or download the file, as well as select Full screen to expand their view. Then select Close when finished.