Bulletin Boards

Tip: For a visual overview of Bulletin Boards, check out our feature video.

With Bulletin Boards, teachers can post general class information for their students through a variety of media like videos, links, audio, and more. Bulletin Boards can be found as part of a Class under the Faculty persona. Alternatively, you can also access the Bulletin Board list from Extracurricular, Content, and Group pages.

Tip: For information on the differences between Bulletin Boards and Topics, see Bulletin Boards versus Topics.

Before content can be added, faculty members need to create a layout page to hold the information. From the Bulletin board tab in the class, select Enter Edit Mode to create or edit the current Bulletin Board Layout. Keep in mind that restrictions can be added by admins limiting the roles that can edit these layouts. Consult an administrator at your school to determine which roles can customize these layouts.

Note: Until content or text is added to each section added to the layout, nothing appears on the page.

When you're happy with your updates, edits, and changes to the layout, select Publish layout changes. You can also select Publish layout & go to page to go directly to the bulletin board page, or select Cancel to undo everything you've done since your last save.