Create a Database Backup

eTapestry creates a backup of your database nightly. If you want a copy of your database, you can manually create a backup file. To do so, create these two custom exports.

Tip: After you create these exports, you can run them any time. From Reports, click System under Categories. Locate the report and click Launch. To schedule the reports to run automatically, from the launch page, click Schedule for Off Hours under Submit.

eTapestry also offers a Final Data Export that your organization can purchase if you are moving to another system. Your eTapestry data will exported into multiple tab-delimited files connected through reference IDs to make it easier for programmers to connect the various files together and reconstruct the information to import it into another system.

Additionally, we will provide a list of all the files of your database export. The files will also be imported for you into a Microsoft Access database. The layout of each table is identical to each text file and includes a file that includes the translations for some of the numeric codes found in the exported data. Please contact your account executive or email for more information.