Download EFT File

Electronic funds transfers (EFTs) enable you to exchange money electronically instead of using checks or wire transfers, providing cost savings and convenience. In Financial Edge NXT, you can pay invoices electronically using EFT files.

Note: To process EFT files, you must select a valid, support payment format in the database view.

You can process invoice payments using an EFT file in any of the following areas:

  • From a list of bank accounts, select Process payments from the bank account's menu.

  • From the action bar of a bank account record, select Process payments.

  • Under Pay invoices on a bank account record, select Process payments.

Once you select to process payments, choose Electronic funds transfer as the payment method, then select one or more invoices to pay. To pay all, select the checkbox at the top of the invoice list.

Tip: To quickly locate specific invoices, search based on date, description, or vendor name. Filter your list to only include invoices that share characteristics, such as invoice balance, date, or vendor. You can also select column headers and sort based on column name.