Targeter is Fundraiser Performance Management's query tool that is a hub for searching, accessing, and analyzing data. It provides front-line advancement professionals with easy-to-use data filters to build and save queries without help from a database specialist. Targeter extends the usability for users of all levels, so busy fundraisers can spend less time searching for key information and more time using it.

The core components of the Targeter are:

  • Find Search Bar: Quick search bar that lets you rapidly find a constituent by first name, last name, entity ID, maiden name, or nickname.

  • +New Query: Allows users to quickly create a brand new query using Fundraiser Performance Management's available filters.

  • Queries Tab: A list of all available user built queries and Fundraiser Performance Management Templates.

  • Lists Tab: A view that allows you to see you the results of you subscribed queries as well as allowing you to upload constituent lists into Targeter to append Fundraiser Performance Management data.

  • Results - List View: Query results are displayed as a list with customizable data columns when this setting is chosen.

  • Results - Crosstab View: Query results are delivered with a summary of the full query results spread out across two selected variables.

  • Results - Map View: Query results are delivered geographically within a map that displays population densities down to individual constituents.

  • Subscriptions: Schedule the delivery of the results of a query to email you on a regular basis.