Edit Reports

  1. Navigate to the Reporting > Ad Hoc and Data Feeds area.

  2. From the Ad Hoc tab, select the ellipsis icon next to the report and then Edit.

    Tip: Users can also select Edit report from the Report View.

  3. On the Manage Report page, make updates as desired.

    • Drag and drop columns from the panel onto the space on the right to add them to the report.

      Warning: Custom form fields typically become available to add to a report within one hour of being created or updated.

    • Select the parallel lines icon on the column header, dragging it to a new position in the report table.

    • Select the parallel lines icon on the column header, dragging the column back to the panel to remove it from the report.

    • Select the pencil icon next to a header to update the column name.

    • Select the Filter icon to create rules and conditions to apply to the data shown. For example, add the Program ID to the report and use that in a new rule to filter the report by a specific program.

    • Select the Show, hide, or reorder columns icon to modify the visibility and order of columns in the report.

    • Select the Configuration button to update the report's settings like form data that is included, the report's description, etc.

  4. Save all changes.

Note: To automatically save changes and view the report, select the View report button to open the Report View.