Text first play

If you set up your campaign to have a text message as a first play, when you open your campaign, you'll have a Text First Play tab where you send and monitor the progress of your text message batches. You can see how many texts have been sent and the total number of prospects included in the campaign.

To send your first text message batch, from the open campaign you'll need to first navigate to Settings, Phone Numbers and Enable Dialing for "Mobile Phone."

Then, from the open campaign, select the Text First Play tab to send the first and additional text message batches before your agents start making calls. To send a batch, select Send now.

Note: Text messages are sent consecutively, not simultaneously. After you select send, the progress will show on the page until it completes. Once it completes, the time stamp appears on the page.

In the first few days of your campaign, your agents will call all the prospects after their initial text message. On those days, consider sending a batch of text messages daily to ensure there are enough prospects ready to be called during the calling shift. Your agents will be replying to any text message responses and handling the first phone call attempt after the text message.

Tip: You can return to the Play tab and change the number of prospects to receive a text message in a batch at any time. This enables you to increase or decrease the number of prospects depending on how the previous batches have gone. For example, if your agents have too many or too few to call in the second play step, you can adjust the batch size as your campaign progresses.

Then, after the first few days of your campaign, many prospects will be ready for their additional call attempts. Those prospects receiving these additional attempts will not receive another initial text. Instead, your agents will be managing:

  • text message responses ,

  • additional call attempts for prospects who already received their text first play and first phone call, and

  • if you send another batch of initial text messages, they will be handling the first call attempt.

Therefore, at this point batches can be sent every few days during this time to allow agents to handle the different play sequence interactions.