Participant Center Changelog

This changelog contains a highlight of updates made to the Participant Center.


Version 301.0.160 (2024-04-05)


  • When setting up a Personal or Team Page, the YouTube Video URL example link on the Update Media screen now uses a link to a Blackbaud video. (2727923)

  • In Email, All Contacts, the check box next to All Contacts once again selects all contacts when selected. Clearing the check box no longer selects all addresses and you can once again select specific email addresses in the contact list. (2623254)

  • Participants are not able to have more than one active Facebook Fundraiser at a time. If a participant tries to create a second Facebook Fundraiser from the Participant Center, the following error displays: You already have an active Facebook Fundraiser. End and delete your current Facebook Fundraiser to create a new one." (2730566)

Version 301.0.154 (2023-10-19)


  • The Default Personal Page and Default Team Page now support hosting two photos and one video when the Two Photos and One Video page layout is selected in the Configure Pages step in a TeamRaiser. Previously, a Personal Page only supported two photos or one video, and a Team Page only supported one photo. See TeamRaiser Team and Personal Pages support 2 photos and 1 video. (2430731)


  • When an administrator configures a Suggested Message to have a read-only subject or a read-only (or partially read-only) body, the Participant Center now respects the selection and makes the subject and body read-only to match the configuration when that template is selected. If the Suggested Message is partially read-only, the Participant Center now displays a read-only WYSIWYG or the fixed text followed by the existing editable WYSIWYG for the participant-editable text. (2551730)

Version 301.0.139 (2023-04-13)


  • After the Good Move activity tracking app feature is enabled for a TeamRaiser event, the participant will see a new panel in Participant Center 3 that includes general information about Good Move, a QR code or an invitation link to download the app, and an email address (when their account is ready). (2362136)


  • The name of the TeamRaiser getRegistration API response field, isCaptain, was changed to aPreviousTeamCaptain to better describe its purpose. The createTeam method was updated to use the renamed field. (2247686)

Version 301.0.108 (2022-08-19)


  • Placeholder text is properly translated through Message Catalog entries in a few areas of PC3. This includes the Email Compose view for Recipients and Subject inputs, Email Contacts view for Search input, and the Home view for Team Captains to enter a message to their team members. (2008303)

  • In a Participant Center that is configured to allow two photos for the personal page, a participant can remove the first photo and the second photo continues to appear as the second photo (even after the first photo is removed) and can be removed without an error. (1901441)

  • In a Participant Center that is configured to allow two photos for the personal page, a participant can upload just one photo without an error that two photos are required. (1901441)

  • The Team Roster in the My Teams section paginates lists of 5 team members per page. (1840962)

  • In the Email Contacts section, participants can add a contact to a group using the Add to Group button. (1858662)

  • Question types of Multiple Choice Multiple Select or Interest Categories display a series of checkbox options below the question label. (1966144)

  • Team captains can delete an offline gift made on behalf of the team. (1945550)

  • When entering offline gifts in the Participant Center, the Gift Display Name field allows a maximum of 100 characters.

  • Participants can now choose between local, regional, and national when changing their company association. (1889084)

  • Participants who don't have permission to view team members no longer see the Team Members list. (1715805)


  • Participants can create a new team or re-create a team from a previous event even after registering for a TeamRaiser. To allow participants this option, configure your TeamRaiser event to permit this option.

  • The Constituent Custom Interaction API methods (listInteractions, logInteraction, and updateInteraction) are now available in the ConstituentService for your custom interaction usage needs.


  • When a participant attempts to create a Facebook Fundraiser to share their participation in an event, they are now prompted to update the title and body content for their Personal Page, because that content is used to create their Facebook Fundraiser. This uses the same modal that is displayed to the participant when they try to update their personal page content, but with additional text and button changes to show that they are in the middle of the Create a Facebook Fundraiser flow. (1488030)

Version 301.0.57 (2021-06-15)


  • The Team Page URL now displays to all team members in addition to displaying to team captains.

  • The Team Page Photo now displays to all participants on a team in addition to displaying to team captains. Team captains continue to have the permission to change the Team Page Photo.

  • The Change Team Membership section now displays only when teams are enabled and the TeamRaiser is configured to allow participants to manage their team membership.

  • Changing a photo caption for the Personal, Team, or Company page no longer requires re-uploading the photo.


  • To aid in customizations, new distinguishing classes are available in many containers in the HTML of all pages.

  • You can now customize fields on the Profile tab more readily via custom.js code. Also, the Monetary and Number type fields now display correctly.

  • While editing media for the participant Personal, Team, or Company pages, the existing media appears in the Edit Media modal before the adding or uploading new media.

  • If the site allows Survey Question Keys for TeamRaiser Registration Questions, any questions that show up in the Questions section of the Profile tab now include a survey-key-{key} class in the containing element for that question. Additionally, the same containing elements now include a survey-question class for all questions.

Version 301.0.46 (2020-11-11)


The error message that displays when attempting to import contacts without selecting a source is now the correct error message.

Version 301.0.44 (2020-08-21)


Many JavaScript and CSS libraries used by Participant Center 3 (PC3) were upgraded to the latest available versions. The libraries will be referenced by an external CDN until after the Luminate Online 20.8 release. The Luminate Online 20.8 release will update the libraries on each Luminate Online site so that PC3 can reference those libraries locally.

Version 301.0.41 (2020-07-14)


Previously, when a participant registration included an additional question of the type, "Date Question," responses to that question weren't handled properly in the Profile > Questions page, and the remaining questions didn't display to the participant. Now, the "Date Question" responses display properly to the participant and updates to the responses are properly formatted and accepted when responses are saved.


Adding custom badges to PC3 is now easier. Improvements were made to the way participant and team milestones are recorded in the homeView by adding functions for $scope.addParticipantBadge and $scope.addTeamBadge, both of which take a single argument of an object with url, name, and description parameters.

Version 301.0.39 (2020-06-02)


Ampersands ("&") in Facebook Fundraiser titles now display properly after the title is sent to Facebook for a Facebook Fundraiser connection.

When a Facebook Fundraiser is created, the title can now be either the title of the participant's Personal Page, or the default Facebook Fundraiser title, depending on which option the administrator configures. Similarly, the Facebook Fundraiser content is determined by the administrator configuration instead of always showing Personal Page content.

Now, when a personal page title or company page title is set to blank, the participant no longer sees as an empty object "{}" and instead sees a blank value for the title fields.

Version 301.0.37


When adding a gift in the Participant Center, selecting the Yes, display amount of this gift option now displays the gift on the personal page as expected.

When a Participant Center is not embedded in a PageBuilder page, and the event name contains an ampersand (&) or other restricted HTML character (such as ', ", <, or >), the characters now render properly in the event name at the top of the page.

When a team captain updates the Team Name, the Team Captain Message no longer automatically submits automatically as well, but only submits when selecting Save after a message update.

When a team captain updates the Team Name to include special characters such as "&" or spaces, the special characters display properly and the remaining characters are no longer ignored.

Version 301.0.35 (2020-04-06)


When a TeamRaiser is configured to allow participants to manage team membership, and Participant Center 3 is configured to be embedded in a PageBuilder page, a participant attempting to change team membership no longer sees the form cut off with no option to continue. For this update, we've added calls to the resizeFrameForCurrentView function to handle team membership changes.

Version 301.0.33 (2020-03-02)


When viewed by the page owner (participant, team captain, or company coordinator), this version provides Edit buttons for each of the following customizable elements:

  • On the personal page - Headline, body, and photo/video content

  • On the team page - Body, and photo content

  • On the local company page - Headline, body, and photo content

This allows the page owner to view changes they are making within the full context of their page.

The Confirm API now returns string responses as expected instead of an occasional empty object.

Overlaying modals no longer open off-screen.

Easily style Download buttons by using the newly-added class.

The links on the company coordinator’s Participant Center in the My Company section open to the correct destination.

Version 301.0.24


Due to a known issue in Croppie version 2.6.4 that causes rotating uploaded images to display black bars at the top or bottom, we've temporarily reverted to Croppie version 2.6.2 and will deliver a full fix in a later update.

CSS updates to the Message Catalog add asterisk (*) labels to all required fields.

The locale selector only displays when a site is configured for MultiLocale.

The getParticipants method sometimes fails to include a newly-registered participant when called immediately after registration. Calls are now made to similar methods to ensure consistent results.

Recipients continue to display after selecting an email template.

In the success message for joining a team, a space now displays in front of the team name.

When the Participant Center is embedded in a PageBuilder page, changing the height of the Participant Center now consistently makes a corresponding increase to the height of the iframe in which it is embedded. This ensures that when adding a large amount of content in the Email Composer, the buttons at the bottom of the form do not push below the bottom of the page. Calls were added to the resizeFrameForCurrentView function in additional places, such as changing tabs on the Home view and autosaving a draft email in the Email Composer view.

Because Luminate APIs intermittently return an empty object instead of a string when a value is removed, a new function, ensureString, was added to the LuminateUtilsService to test for this issue and return a consistent string value. API call responses now properly call this new function when appropriate.


URL Shortcuts are no longer limited by required or min-length attributes.

Content modals no longer disappear when clicking outside of the modal. Instead, the modal stays on the page with the latest content updates until the participant selects Save or Cancel.


For better logging and issue identification, the Participant Center version number is now included in all API calls made by the Participant Center.

Participant Center now includes a custom view that administrators can customize using the custom.js file. Administrators creating content on Participant Center can create a new tab in the custom.js that references a PageBuilder reusable page. See the documentation for more information about how to use this new functionality.

For easier identification, the btn-download class was added to download buttons on the Home view.