Luminate Online Version 23 Release Notes

Release 23.4.3

Release 23.3.1

Release 23.3

Donor Cover in Blackbaud Checkout

Release 23.2.1f

Release 23.2.1e and PC email update

Release 23.2.1

Release 23.1.1

Participant Center Changelog


Version 23.4.3 Release Notes

September 2023

The Luminate Online 23.4.3 release contains product enhancements and Resolved Issues.


Product Updates

In this release, we're excited to announce the following updates:

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tracking for Blackbaud Checkout in Luminate Online

Use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to track Blackbaud Checkout page views and donation details.

In Luminate Online, select Setup, Site Options from the navigation bar. Select All as the Site Option Group, select Go, then set and save the following options:



For complete details of getting started with GA4 in Luminate Online, see the Luminate Online administrator help, Google Analytics.

Good Move Activity Tracking for TeamRaiser Events

More exciting updates are available to enhance your fundraising event that uses our activity-tracking mobile app, Good Move!

Create custom messages for participation and donation asks

Create custom user-facing messages for fundraisers to send for a donation ask and recruitment invitation. With Message Templates, you can offer participants a standard message to share

Two message templates are available:

  • Default donation ask

  • Default participation invite

Within each section, personalization fields are available.

When saved, this is the message that fundraisers see in the app, which they can either use themselves, or they can update the messages further before they send it out.

Set a start and end date for activity tracking for your event

Perhaps you want your activity tracking dates to be different from your registration open and close dates. You can now choose to support fundraise-only events by enabling or disabling activity tracking.

You can also choose when you want your activity tracking to start and stop.

Configure your activity tracking rules and point system

Enhance your fundraiser's experience by providing custom activity-tracking. Organizations have experienced a 10% increase in donations online when adding activity-tracking to their event! Select +Add to browse more than 100 available activity-tracking options for your mobile app experience.



After selecting an activity, set the specific values to allow participants to earn points.


Event admins can set a daily point limit for activity tracking in their event

Choose to either allow unlimited points a day or a custom amount. Custom amounts work well for fundraise-only events. Setting a capacity of points per day can increase inclusivity and make the event less competitive.

Set campaign, team, and participant activity goals

You can now not only set fundraising goals, but also activity goals! Now your community has two goals to work towards to help drive engagement.


When you publish your campaign, your fundraisers can immediately get into the Good Move app when they register.

Customize your first email to registrants

Registrants of TeamRaiser events that have Good Move enabled now receive a new autoresponder email, "Join our mobile fundraising experience on Good Move!"

You can customize this autoresponder template in the Autoresponder Center, with the First Good Move App Announcement Email message. This email automatically pulls in a QR code and values such as your event name.

You can alter the sender name and email address, subject line, and body content.

This autoresponder behaves just like a "Thank you for registering" email and goes out at the same time. When Good Move is enabled, this autoresponder is enabled by default.

The default content explains the community goal and gives instructions for how the fundraiser can download and get into the app experience.

Image of email inviting event registrant to participate in mobile activity tracking with the Good Move app

Deliver push notifications through the Good Move Notification Manager

You can now send or schedule push notifications to all participants or specific teams in the Good Move Notification Manager.

Until now, fundraisers could only communicate using emails, but now, notifications can be pushed out directly to mobile phones. This provides a higher likelihood that a message is seen by fundraisers so they can take action.

In the Good Move Notification Manager tab, the first screen displays a table of all of the TeamRaiser campaigns inside the site that have Good Move enabled.

Here, you can check to see how many notifications you previously created or sent. There are little warning icons to alert you if notifications haven't been created or scheduled for send.

TeamRaiser event name table with number of Good Move notifications sent to event participants

Select Manage notifications to see the draft, scheduled, and sent notifications for the campaign selected.

Select New notification to create a custom message.

The New scheduled notification modal opens where you can send your message to every fundraiser who is using the app (All participants) or to members of specific teams (Teams). This is great if you want to send a quick note to a team to congratulate them on their progress.

 Send your message immediately (Send Now) or schedule the notification (Schedule). You can also Save as draft if you aren't sure when you want to send your message.

There's no limit to the number of notifications that can be sent.

Around 100 characters of the body message show on a notification message on a mobile phone. If the message is longer, there will be an ellipsis at the end of the character limit, and the full message will display in the app.


We've added further support for privacy management.

  • Volunteer Management no longer includes de-identified constituents in volunteer search or Manage Job.

  • Report Writer reports include Opt Out fields so you can filter to exclude constituents who have set their opt-outs. True/False is also included in reports that return constituent data.

    These updates are supported in the following reports:

    • Advocacy: Letter to the Editor Summary

    • Delayed Self Pledge: Delayed Self Pledge and Delayed Self Pledge Failures

    • Organizations: Organization Gift Summary

    • Personal Events: Event Attendee Details

    • TeamRaiser:

      • Gift Summary By Participant

      • Gift Details

      • Cross-Event Gift Summary By Participant

      • Event Surveys

      • Milestones

      • Registrations

      • Cross-Event Registrations

    • Transactions: Direct Debit Mandate Details and Transaction Details

    • Volunteer Management:

      • Volunteer Shift Summary

      • Volunteer Registration Details

      • Volunteer Profile Details

    Note: De-identified constituents do not appear in report results.

    See full details of working with privacy requests in the Luminate Online section of the Blackbaud Privacy Resource Center.

Resolved Issues

Issues were resolved in:


Bug Description


The TeamRaiser getTeamPhoto method intermittently returns a null response if graphic_upload.original_file is set during the team photo upload

The TeamRaiser getTeamPhoto API method returns a response in all situations where a team photo is set.


The TeamRaiser uploadPersonalPhoto method sometimes does not upload newly added photos

The TeamRaiser uploadPersonalPhoto API method completes photo uploads which are available to the getPersonalPhotos method.

Calendar Event

Bug Description


For Ticketed Calendar Events that charge a fee, the email opt-out setting on the Ticket Details page and the opt-in selection on the Billing page are respected in behavior, but are not reflected correctly on the constituent's record

For Ticketed Calendar Events that charge a fee, the constituent record correctly reflects the constituent’s choice for the email opt-out setting on the Ticket Details page and the opt-in selection on the Billing page.


When a ticket is purchased offline for a standard ticketed event, the name of the account goes to Blackbaud Merchant Services as EVENT DATE NAME such as Walk for Health 5/23/2023 Jane Doe, instead of NAME, such as Jane Doe

When a ticket is purchased offline for a standard ticketed event, the account name is passed to Blackbaud Merchant Services as NAME, such as Jane Doe.


Some combinations of selections for multi-part events cause a payment/ticketing error: "We are experiencing temporary difficulties with the payment network. Please try again later."

Multi-part events with paid child events that have duplicate ticket type names no longer encounter an error when the ticket type is chosen.


The notification sent to an administrator for an event ticket purchase sometimes sends before a registration is complete

Administrators only get notification of an event ticket purchase when the registration fully completes.

Donation Form

Bug Description


In a standard donation form, the Forever Sustainer Donation Level on French Locale doesn't present the correct translation or allow the option to change the label

On a French locale donation form that uses the Forever Sustainer Donation Level, the options under Select a Gift Frequency / Sélectionner une fréquence pour le don show the translated text for Quarterly and Annually.


On a donation form, the asterisk for the Gift Amount field, indicating a required field, is missing on the responsive layout causing donors to lose credit card information when missing field error occurs

On the responsive layout of a donation form, the asterisk for the Gift Amount field now displays to indicate that it is a required field.


Bug Description


Luminate Online doesn't capture a donor's email address as the sender in eCard

Luminate Online correctly stores a donor's email address as the sender email address after the constituent donates and sends an eCard. In Luminate Web Services, queries for recognition.senderemail correctly retrieves the donor email address.


Bug Description


eCommerce products continue to display after selling out due to a caching issue

When an item is sold out in eCommerce, the store no longer shows the item as available.

2552737 | 2553094

TeamRaiser eCommerce Purchase reports lose purchase data of a deidentified donor

In any TeamRaiser eCommerce Purchase report, after a constituent is deidentified, their purchases are still visible in the report but do not include the constituent's personal information.


Bug Description


In classic Email Campaigns, email messages are counted more than once for email Target Groups

In classic Email Campaigns, the email target groups are only counted once for each email message.

Participant Center

Bug Description

2547713, 2551730, 2551731

In Participant Center 2, the Compose Email screen allows changes to a Suggested Message subject or body even when they are set to read-only or partially read-only

In Participant Center 2, when a Suggested Message template has a read-only subject or body, Participant Center 2 enforces the setting and does not allow for changes. When the Suggested Message subject or body is partially read-only, Participant Center 2 displays the read-only text but also presents an editable area for the participant to enter text.


On a Participant Center with Good Move, the goal update reverts upon page load to the previous value

When the Participant Center makes an API call to updateRegistration, Good Move updates are saved.


Bug Description


Administrators with access to Payment Capabilities cannot edit Merchant Accounts that have multiple or unknown gateways because the Action column is empty

Administrators with permission to access Payment Capabilities and edit merchant accounts now see the Edit link in the Action column.


Bug Description


The Global Privacy Control (GPC) setting is not added to an existing constituent’s profile when they log in

Luminate Online captures and stores the Global Privacy Control (GPC) setting of existing constituents when they log in and updates their constituent profiles with the setting.


Bug Description


On some occasions, donors received blank PDF receipt attachments in the donation autoresponder email

Luminate Online waits to send the donation confirmation autoresponder email if a PDF receipt is blank


Bug Description


Recurring gifts that are processed in TeamRaiser are increasing by an incorrect amount after each payment

Recurring gifts that process in TeamRaiser reflect the correct amount after each payment.


Delayed Self-Pledge and recurring pledge payments show in the Gift Service Center even though they are not sustaining gifts

Delayed Self-Pledge (DSP) and recurring pledge payments no longer show in the Gift Service Center.


The TeamRaiser Campaign Status Updater task conflicts with the TeamRaiser registration open date and registration cutoff date

When a TeamRaiser registration open date and cutoff dates are set, and the registration cutoff date passes, the TeamRaiser Campaign Status Updater task respects the registration cutoff date and automatically changes the status of the event so that registrations are no longer accepted.


Importing TeamRaiser gifts using a batch gift upload doesn't work unless the GIFT_CONFIRMED column and value is included, even though the data is optional

You can now import offline TeamRaiser gifts using a batch gift upload with only the required fields.

Note that If the GIFT_CONFIRMED column is not included, all gifts in the upload default to FALSE or unconfirmed. To confirm a gift, an administrator must either click the Confirm link for a gift or include the GIFT_CONFIRMED column in the upload with a value of TRUE for any gift you want to confirm.


When changes are pushed on a TeamRaiser Blueprint, the child and parent event layout is changes the customized layout and reverts to the Responsive layout

When changes are pushed to a Blueprint TeamRaiser event, the current layout is respected and no longer reverts to the Responsive layout.


On a TeamRaiser event page, the S685 S-Tag to show the Top Teams List does not show teams after switching the view from Miles to Raised

When the S685 S-Tag is used to display the Top Teams Score/Raised leaderboard on a TeamRaiser event page, toggling from Score to Raised continues to show teams in a list.


Version 23.3.1 Release Notes

July 2023

The Luminate Online 23.3.1 release contains product enhancements and Resolved Issues.


Product Updates

Privacy support for de-identification

Starting with this 23.3.1 release, constituent data can now be de-identified.

Data de-identification is an irreversible process which changes all data that, by itself or in compilation, could result in identifying an individual.

When you de-identify a constituent, personal data is replaced by blank or null values. Because of this, after de-identification, a constituent is no longer active and cannot be found via constituent search.

See the "De-identify constituent records" in the Process personal data requests in the Blackbaud Privacy Resource Center.

TeamRaiser-Facebook Fundraising Integration reporting update

In preparation for an upcoming payment processing change in the TeamRaiser-Facebook Fundraising integration, the Site Usage and Usage by Security Category reports now offer an option to display the total amount (TeamRaiser External Gift Amount) and number of donations (TeamRaiser External Gift Transactions) coming in from Meta Pay for TeamRaisers integrated with Facebook Fundraising. See Usage Reports.

Resolved Issues

Issues were resolved in:


Bug Description


The TeamRaiser API "getTeamRoster" method does not validate that a participant is a member of the specified team

The TeamRaiser API getTeamRoster method now verifies that a requester is a member of a specified team before returning details of that team roster.


Bug Description


REMOVED_DEIDENTIFIED is not shown in Active Detail SiteAttrConfig or in Luminate Web Services WSDL ActiveDetail

To support integrations with Luminate Online, the new deidentification detail, REMOVED_DEIDENTIFIED, is now available in Luminate Online's SiteAttrConfig Active Detail and in Luminate Web Services WSDL Active Detail.

When a value of 13 is detected, "Removed as deidentified" is returned to support the deidentification request of a constituent.


Bug Description


In Report Writer, the Cross-Event Registration report returns multiple rows per constituent when the privacy columns are included

When the Cross-Event Registration report includes data privacy data, the report only returns one row per constituent.


In Report Writer, the TeamRaiser Gift Details report is unable to display team, event gifts, or company sponsorships

The Report Writer report, TeamRaiser Gift Details, can once again filter on gifts that are not credited to a participant, such as team and company gifts.


Bug Description


Participant Center users cannot access email unless their record is over a year old

To ensure that Participant Center email is only available to legitimate participants, an update was made to correctly evaluate transactions and record creation dates when determining whether participants meet the criteria to access email. In June, we also excluded ACH payments from the transactional evaluation.

Note that the eligibility criteria for participants to use Participant Center email hasn't changed since the April 23.2.1e release. For full details about the criteria participants must meet to send email, see Knowledgebase article 201588.


Version 23.3 Release Notes

June 2023

The Luminate Online 23.3 release contains product enhancements and Resolved Issues.


Product Updates


New updates for TeamRaiser Activity Tracking with the Good Move app

In 23.2.1, we announced the availability of mobile fundraising and activity tracking for TeamRaiser using the Good Move app. We're excited to share more updates are now released for this feature!

With this release:

  • Existing TeamRaiser events that use the app now send activity updates automatically.

  • When a TeamRaiser event is set to include activity tracking, a new configuration screen lets you customize your event dates and images for your event in the app as shown below:

To request Good Move, complete this form. This feature is available to all TeamRaiser customers with no additional subscription fees.

More information about this feature is being developed, but you can get started with the Good Move Mobile App Integration with TeamRaiser help.


Good Move App Changelog

So you can keep up with improvements and updates to the Good Move app, we've added a Good Move App Changelog .


Data Privacy Features - Now available!

To help your organization comply with various privacy requirements, Luminate Online now offers the following features.

See the Luminate Online section in the Blackbaud Privacy Hub for full details.


Automatic detection of the Global Privacy Control (GPC) setting

Luminate Online detects when a user has the Global Privacy Control (GPC) option set in their browser and automatically updates systems to respect the privacy setting for that user.

The Global Privacy Control is a signal user agents can send to sites, requesting that their personal information is not sold or shared with third parties.

If a supporter registers with your site or event, and the GPC option is detected in an Opt Out state, the constituent record displays the Global Privacy Control status in the new Data Privacy tab on the constituent record.


Privacy preferences in a constituent record

If an existing constituent who had not previously recorded a GPC opt-out logs in, and now has GPC set in the browser, Luminate Online captures that setting and updates the constituent's record automatically.

Administrators can also manually edit a constituent record to update the Opt-out setting for a constituent. In the Data Privacy tab, an Edit Preferences link allows admins to change a setting for opt out of Targeted Ads, Sale of Personal Data, and Profiling.

The modification date reflects when a status is edited.

Note that the Global Privacy Control setting is not editable and is set based on the browser setting.

  • A No preference set status means the GPC signal is off and the constituent is opted in.

  • A Yes status means GPC is on and the constituent is opted out.


Query Builder uses clauses by type

As an administrator, you can create and save queries that filter constituents based on their data privacy preferences for four Privacy Types, so that you can effectively communicate with constituents while also respecting their privacy preferences.

In Data Management, Query, Query Builder, a new Field type, Data Privacy, provides four fields for the following query results:

  • Global Privacy Control

  • Profiling

  • Sale of Personal Data

  • Targeted Ads

Query results can be made into a group.

Note: De-identified constituents are included in results that show privacy settings. However, constituents who were removed by request are not in the system at all and cannot be found in results.


Export Data Privacy settings in a CSV

You can generate a CSV report to export the status for any of the four privacy Opt-Out fields. Specifically:

  • Data Privacy/Global Privacy Control

  • Data Privacy/Profiling

  • Data Privacy/Sale of Personal Data

  • Data Privacy/Targeted Ads

The functionality that allows for the CSV files to be exported is in Data Management, Mail Merges.

First, you may want to create a new group to place your privacy results into. Next, create a Mail Merge to generate a CSV and include any of the Data Privacy field options. Select a group, then wait for your CSV results.


Resolved Issues

Issues were resolved in: Email| Events| Payments | Reports | TeamRaiser

Bug Description


The Email Home summary modal does not have the proper width to see all of the columns

The Email Home summary modal, and other modals such as Organization, display all columns in the modal.

Bug Description


In Calendar Events, the entered Additional Donation amount sometimes changes value slightly on the confirmation screen after selecting tickets

In Calendar Events, after selecting tickets, entering an additional donation amount, and selecting Continue, the additional donation amount is no longer rounded in value, and instead, stays the same amount entered.


In Personal Events, the list of possible Survey Question Types repeats some elements in the administrator selections

In Content, Personal Events, when you add a Personal Event Campaign, then add an Event Type and additional host questions, each question type displays only once to administrators.

Bug Description


Some ACH transactions via iATS do not settle or return an error code causing issues with refunds and data syncs

ACH transactions via iATS are settled as expected for all cases.


Bug Description


The Autoresponder Tracking Report is not visible unless Email Classic is enabled

When enabled, the Autoresponder Tracking Report is now visible, even when Email Classic is not installed.


Autoresponder Tracking Report misses some autoresponder counts

The Autoresponder Tracking Report correctly identifies all autoresponder counts.

Bug Description


In Participant Center 3, the progress bar in the Company section doesn't show the goal or amount raised if the Company is associated with a participant

In Participant Center 3, the company section displays the goal or amount raised in the bar even when the company is associated with a participant type.


New, custom TeamRaiser pages show in the TeamRaiser list with the name, "Message not found for key: fr_team_page_video_name"

New, custom TeamRaiser pages show in the TeamRaiser list with their expected names.


The message in Participant Center that explains why email is blocked incorrectly references spam filters

In April's 23.2.1e release, the Participant Center email feature was restricted to participants who meet certain criteria. In this release, we've added an error message to display to participants when they are restricted from sending email. The new message says: "You must meet participant criteria to send email. Please raise or transact at least <currency symbol><minimum amount raised amount>."

As a reminder, a participant can only send emails from Participant Center when criteria is met. See Knowledgebase article 201588.


The Top Participants component on the Default Team Page shows a blank toggle when filtering between activity and fundraising leaders

On the Default Team Page, the Top Participants leaderboard widget displays Raised when on the raised filter and the title of the activity leaderboard when on the activity leaderboard, such as, Miles or Points.


The 'View All' page from the Top Participants or Top Teams leaderboard needs formatting fixes

On the Top Participants or Top Teams leaderboard on the greeting page of an event, selecting View All now shows properly formatted tables.


The getTeamPhoto API is not able to render the team photo via API call when the image is uploaded on the administrator side

The getTeamPhoto API call now renders the team photo via the API call as expected.


Donor Cover in Blackbaud Checkout

April 2023

Donor Cover is now available for one-time donations made with Blackbaud Checkout. This option allows your constituents to direct more funds directly to your mission. When selected, supporters cover the online transaction fee. Blackbaud Merchant Services automatically calculates the fee and adds it to the gift amount.

Checkout screen that highlights an option where donors can select an option to pay transaction fees for the organization

Note: Donor Cover is only available with Blackbaud Checkout. Custom solutions may be used with other payment services. Continue using active custom solutions if you already have one in place.

To request Donor Cover on your Blackbaud Checkout forms, contact Blackbaud Support.

To learn more, see Donor Cover in Blackbaud Checkout.


Version 23.2.1f and Donor Cover for Blackbaud Checkout

April 2023

The 23.2.1f update on April 25, 2023 includes security updates, general infrastructure enhancements, Donor Cover in Blackbaud Checkout, and the following resolutions:

  • HTML captions display as expected in donation forms (2512646 | 2512943)

  • Newly created Participant Centers now load properly (2507537)

  • Team photos display as expected in TeamRaiser (2494348)


Participant Center Email and Version 23.2.1e

April 2023

Participant Center Email Update

To safeguard against spam and strengthen email deliverability, TeamRaiser Participant Center email restrictions changed on April 6, 2023.

A participant can only send emails from Participant Center when they meet certain criteria. See Knowledgebase article 201588.


Luminate Online Version 23.2.1e

The 23.2.1e update on April 10, 2023 included security updates and the following resolution:

  • Offline TeamRaiser gifts can be deleted (2494344)


Version 23.2.1 Release Notes

March 2023

The Luminate Online 23.2.1 release contains product enhancements and Resolved Issues.


Product Updates

In addition to security updates, the 23.2.1 release contains the following enhancements:

Activity Tracking for TeamRaiser events using the Good Move app

We're excited to announce the availability of mobile fundraising and activity tracking with the new Good Move app!

Good Move app logo

The Good Move app integrates with your TeamRaiser event to expand and track activity for your participants as they support your mission. Data shows that fundraisers who use an app and actively engage in activity tracking can raise up to three times more money than fundraisers who don’t use an app!

With Good Move, activity tracking goes beyond the familiar options of running, walking, and cycling. Participants can track 60+ activities — from pickleball and meditation, to gardening and motorcycling — or create your own!

Participants can sync existing activity tracking apps, such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyRun, or Strava, to Good Move for automatic participation updates.

Mobile app progress meter for Good Move

Because activities are not restricted to a specific location or time, you can engage participants and supporters who may not be available on an event date.

This feature is available to all TeamRaiser customers with no additional subscription fees.

To request Good Move, complete this form.

Participants using the Good Move mobile app get:

  • Integrated activity tracking between the app and TeamRaiser

  • Custom messages, push notifications, and alerts

  • App onboarding with one-time passcodes

  • In-app team pages, personal pages, and sharing tools

  • Dynamic point system with activity-tracking tools (connected devices, manual entries, gym check-ins)

  • Activity feeds

  • Ability to join multiple events at the same time

Administrators working in TeamRaiser get:

  • Option to use the Good Move mobile app with your event

  • New layout options to show Good Move progress, including:

    • Activity progress meters

    • Summary stats

    • Activity leader boards

    • Activity feeds

  • Option to show Good Move in Participant Center 3 (APIs available for custom versions)

After Good Move is enabled for your site, you'll select the Mobile App step in your TeamRaiser event's Identify TeamRaiser configuration to get started.

Image of TeamRaiser configuration options with a Good Move enablement step

You can add Good Move status indicators on event, team, or participant pages using components or S-Tags. See Add Good Move Activity Tracking Data to TeamRaiser Pages.

More information about this feature is being developed, but you can get started with the Good Move Mobile App Integration with TeamRaiser help.


Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

On July 31, 2023, Google will retire Universal Analytics and replace it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

With GA4, get Real time and Snapshot reports on user acquisition, engagement, transactions, and demographics.

Advanced features allow you to track users by member IDs or ad interactions across devices and platforms. Check out Make the switch to Google Analytics 4 and the Google Analytics Product Management Video Series for more information and updates.

Note: Enable Google Analytics with only one method per website. Enabling multiple tags on a single website results in duplicated event recording. Enabling Gtag.js and GTM on a single site also results in duplicated event recording. Migrating UA properties to GA4 requires property linking for correct reporting.

Image of statistics available with Google Analytics tracking

To collect Google Analytics data so you can analyze how your supporters engage, complete the steps in Set Up Google Analytics 4. This includes setting the following two new Site Options:

  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_SITE_MEASUREMENT_ID=Enter the MEASUREMENT ID of your Google Analytics 4 account number.

  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_TRACK_PAGE_WRAPPERS=Set to TRUE to insert Google Analytics 4 tracking code into page wrappers automatically. By default, this is FALSE.

For overall changes to your Luminate Online site for GA4, see Analytics Tracking.

For general information about this change and GA4, see Google Analytics Help.


Email Image Size Enforcement

Large images can flag email providers to identify your email message as spam. To protect your email messages from this designation and ensure they arrive in the in-boxes of your supporters, we're now providing image size enforcement in both classic and new email messages.

Starting in this release, image file size must be less than 1 MB for your email message to move past the approval step. If your message includes an image larger than 1 MB, you'll be prompted to take action to use a smaller image.

To match industry spam identification specifications, the email enforcement evaluates the image file size, not overall pixels.

Resolved Issues

Issues were resolved in: Email | Events | Multicenter | Reports | Survey | TeamRaiser


Bug Description


In new Email, system message toasts should display at the bottom of the viewable screen

Previously, a temporary solution pinned new Email system message toasts, such as "Email sent" and "Email scheduled," at the top of the screen to ensure visibility of the messages. Now, message toasts for new Email display at the bottom of the viewed screen so it is seen but does not cover any UI at the top of the screen.


Bug Description


The 23.1.1 feature to add ticket questions does not display the questions in modern layout

In Events, using the 23.1.1 feature to add additional questions associated with a ticket type now works as expected in a modern layout.


Bug Description


Group visibility on a constituent record should align with security center access

In the Groups tab of a constituent record, admins can only see groups for the center or security category to which they have access. If an admin does not have access to a center or group, they are not able to see the group.


Issue Description

2350744 | 2438081

For large reports, Report Writer allows a CSV download before the file is fully generated

Report Writer displays a report result download link only when the report is fully generated.


Selecting View Report for a Survey produces a technical difficulties error

Selecting View Report to see survey results no longer produces an error.


Issue Description


After Luminate Online version 23.1.1, survey question field names no longer include the Survey ID, causing impact to customizations for surveys

After the Luminate Online 23.1.1 release, survey question field names no longer included the Survey ID. This release restores Survey ID as part of the survey question field name, as it was prior to 23.1.1.


Bug Description


In the Participant Center, the connection to an inactive or deleted Facebook Fundraisers still displays

Participants in the Participant Center no longer see a connection to an inactive or deleted Facebook Fundraiser.


Event gifts to Cross Event/National Companies do not update TeamRaiser thermometer

All confirmed event gifts, including gifts to Cross Event National Companies, now roll into the totals shown in the TeamRaiser progress thermometer.


On entering an incorrect email address when moving a TeamRaiser registration, the summary totals change

When moving a TeamRaiser registration to another TeamRaiser event, the summary totals no longer change if there is an error in the email address field.


Version 23.1.1 Release Notes

January 2023

The Luminate Online 23.1.1 release contains product enhancements and Resolved Issues.

Product Updates

In addition to security updates, the 23.1.1 release contains the following enhancements:


New email: Link to LO Content

When creating your email in the new email experience, you can now add links to content that is hosted by Luminate Online.

For guidance, see Links. For link option descriptions, see Link to Miscellaneous Content.


New email: Multicenter support

To support multiple center Luminate Online environments, emails sent from the new email experience now filter constituents based on centers.

Just as in the classic email campaign, when two constituents in two different centers are in the same audience group, the email is only sent to the constituent in the center from which the email is sent.


New email: Preview text for email messages

Add preview text to your email in the new email experience to make your email stand out and entice your audience to read it. Preview text displays in the recipient's inbox near the subject line.

Enter preview text on the Email details page when you create your email message.

See Preview Text.


New email: Add Emojis in the body of email messages

Add visual appeal and separate sections of your email by inserting an emoji to the body of your email.

Emojis are available when working with the Text component of the Email Designer in the new email experience.


New email: Images sort by date modified

When selecting an image in the new email experience, images display in the order of newest date modified to oldest date modified instead of by creation date.


View your organization's sent autoresponder emails

Autoresponder emails automatically send as a response to a constituent action, such as a donation or registration. You can now view these emails in Luminate Online so you can track and monitor email correspondence with your supporters.

Autoresponder logs that display in a constituent record include the email subject, date and time of the send, bounce status, and whether the recipient took action.

Autoresponder logs that display in Reports Classic include the email subject, the number of autoresponders sent, feature associated (such as TeamRaiser), bounce status, and whether the recipients took action. The autoresponder email logs are consolidated, which means you see emails from all features in your site.

To use this feature, contact Blackbaud Support to enable the AUTORESPONDER_ENABLE_TRACKING Site Option.

Note: Luminate Online only displays autoresponder logs starting at the time this feature is enabled and forward. Historical autoresponder logs prior to enabling this feature are not included in the visible records.

Tip: To manage autoresponder email content, visit the Autoresponder Center.

Constituent Record Autoresponder Logs

To see autoresponder emails sent to a specific constituent, go to Constituent360 > Constituents and open the constituent record. Select the Interactions tab, then select Autoresponders sent to view the autoresponder data.

Autoresponder Report

To see all autoresponder emails, go to Data Management > Reports > Reports Classic > Email Reports. Select Autoresponder Report.

Select either all autoresponders or a specific message type and date range. Remember that the data only includes autoresponder data from the time this feature is enabled for your site.

Review the data on the screen, or download a CSV version.


Calendar Event: Capture extra attendee information during ticket purchase

You can now learn more about the attendees of your ticketed event by adding additional questions to your ticket purchase form.

Question types, like multiple choice, yes/no, and text fields, allow you to ask for information like name, meal preference, t-shirt size, or reason why they are supporting your organization.

You can choose to make your questions optional or required on either standard or responsive forms.

You'll find the new feature when editing your event and setting up your ticket type. Under 6. Configure Ticket Types >d. Configure Ticket Questions, select Add a Question.

Choose a question type.

Configure your question and save your event. Attendees see the additional questions after selecting the ticket type associated with the questions.

In the example below, an administrator created a ticket type called, MyFirstTicket5, then associated a Short Text Value question with the ticket type. In the Short Text Value question configuration, the admin provided a prompt of First Name. The admin decided to make First Name a required field.

Now, when a registrant selects the MyFirstTicket5 ticket type, the required First Name field displays.

View responses in the Event Question Report under Ticket Questions.

Select View User Data to view detailed ticket question responses.

If you do not want this feature enabled for your site, set the TICKET_QUESTION_ENABLED Site Option to FALSE.


Calendar Event: Get notified for each ticketed Calendar Event registration

Get notified by email when someone registers for your ticketed Calendar Event.

With the new Notify option, you can enter any email address to receive notification of a new attendee after a ticket is purchased.

To receive email notifications for an existing or new ticketed event, go to Content > Event. Select the Edit Ticket Information step on the left, then in step 5, Ticket Purchase Notification, select Notify. In the Ticket Purchase Notification List field, add one or more email addresses. Use semicolons to separate the email addresses, or enter each address on its own line. Save your changes.

Email notifications look similar to this example:


TeamRaiser: Move registrations from one event to another

You can now move a TeamRaiser registration from one event to another active event.

When this feature is enabled and no additional gift is attached to the registration, the Move registration to a new TeamRaiser event option is available on a participant's record for the TeamRaiser.

Enable this feature in Setup > Site Options by setting MOVE_REGISTRATION_ENABLED to TRUE.

When moving a registration, the Honoree information also transfers to the new event, and the old registration is made inactive. Participants receive an autoresponder email to confirm the registration in the new event.

Note: You cannot move registrations that include an additional gift or monetary upsell. You can, however, refund the monetary upsell or additional gift amount and then move the registration and registration fee to another event.

When the new registration costs less than the initial registration, the amount of the difference is moved to the new registration as an additional gift.

When the new registration costs more than the initial registration, you can still move the registration. The outstanding balance is shown prior to the move and recorded for historical data.

For more details and steps to move a registration, see Move a TeamRaiser registration to another event.


TeamRaiser: Offer PayPal as a payment option for API-based TeamRaiser forms

You can now offer PayPal as a payment option for custom TeamRaiser registration pages that process transactions using the API.

The new processRegistrationPayPal API can accept registration fees via PayPal.

When a participant selects PayPal as the payment method while registering for a TeamRaiser event on an API-based form, the processRegistrationPayPal API method returns a redirect URL that can redirect the participant's browser to the PayPal payment interface to submit the payment, and then returns them to your registration confirmation page if the payment was successful. Donors will need to provide required fields of name, address and email address for the participant to both pay via PayPal and register.

  • To offer this, you'll need a PayPal Business Account.

  • Next, you need a merchant account that accepts PayPal. You can either engage Blackbaud Services to set this up for you.

  • Next, you'll set up a PayPal data element on your donation form that is used for your TeamRaiser.

  • Configure your TeamRaiser to accept PayPal as an option. You can get help with these steps in this Accept PayPal Payments help topic.

More details coming soon.


TeamRaiser: Automatically open and close TeamRaiser registration

In TeamRaiser, you can now schedule the date and time to open and close registrations for your event.

When you edit a TeamRaiser, new options in the Identify TeamRaiser step enable the automatic updates for your TeamRaiser status.

Set a date and time in the new Registration Open Date option, and your TeamRaiser status will automatically update to either Accepting Registrations and Gifts or Accepting Registrations Only, depending on your selection in the new TeamRaiser Registration Option.

You can also set the date and time to close registrations in the new Event Close Date option.


TeamRaiser: Embed TeamRaiser Top Teams and Top Participants on any page

Display your TeamRaiser's top participants in a scrolling list anywhere on any page from any domain.

Each TeamRaiser provides code that you can use to embed the Top Teams status indicator as well as the Top Participants (previously released).

To add Top Teams or Top Participants to a non-Luminate webpage, you must let Luminate Online recognize your domain so it can serve framed content. Go to Setup > Site Options and add your domain to the SEC_CSP_FRAME_ANCESTORS_DOMAIN field, then Save.

Next, open your TeamRaiser event in Luminate Online and visit the Publish page. You'll see the code available to add to your page with guidance on placement for the code.

See Top Participant status indicator for the complete steps.


Constituents reset passwords using either user name or email address

Your constituents can now provide either their user name or email address to reset their password.

Constituent password reset using an email address

Constituent password reset using a user name


Constituents can now subscribe (opt in) to an email campaign interest on a responsive Email Opt-In page

On the Email Opt-In page in a responsive layout, constituents can now subscribe (opt in) to an email campaign interest. Previously on the page, constituents could only unsubscribe (opt out).


Venmo payments now display as Venmo in reports

In September 2022, we announced the support of Venmo in Blackbaud Checkout. However, transactions were captured as "PayPal" in report data.

Reports for Blackbaud Checkout now show transactions made through Venmo as "Venmo" transactions.


API: create, update, and createOrUpdate now enforce numerical value fields

In preparation of additional API improvements, parameters that require a numerical format are now enforced and will fail without the required numerical value.

If your API call currently uses text for a parameter value that requires a number for create, update or createOrUpdate, you need to update your API call to provide the expected numerical value. Until now, create, update and createOrUpdate calls that used a string value instead of the expected number were ignored.

See Knowledgebase article 201069.


API: New getEventGifts retrieves all gift information for a TeamRaiser event within a timeframe

The new getEventGifts method provides a list of all gifts donated within a timeframe for a TeamRaiser event.

Whereas getGifts requires a cons_id to return gifts for a constituent in a TeamRaiser event, the new getEventGifts allows you to pull all event gifts within a timeframe for the event, no matter who the gifts belong to.

The getEventGifts API fetches event gifts based on the following passed parameters:

  • fr_id - Required

  • begin_date - Optional

  • end_date - Optional

The method requires authentication and must include the login_name and login_password of the administrator. Only administrators with an API Administrative Account have permission to execute this method.

See getEventGifts.


API: Server side support for getParticipants

The getParticipants API now supports Server calls and responses.

For more information, see getParticipants.


Resolved Issues

Issues were resolved in: API | Calendar Events | Donations | Email | Raiser's Edge - Luminate Online integration (RELO) | Receipts | System| TeamRaiser


Bug Description


Calls to addGift sometimes causes memory issues when the email and cons ID values are blank

Using the addGift API method no longer causes Out Of Memory (OOM) issues when an email address or constituent ID parameter is not included.


The getTeamsByInfo API pulls data for teams that are in closed events

The getTeamsByInfo API call now only returns team information from events that are in an open state. Teams in closed events are excluded.


TeamRaiser API getRegistration method no longer includes the previousEventParticipant value

The getRegistration API method once again returns the value for previousEventParticipant.


Calendar Events

Issue Description


Ticketed child Calendar Event purchases send duplicate autoresponder emails

Ticketed Calendar Events now send only one autoresponder email to the parent or child event registrant.



Bug Description


Some approved donations in Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) show up as declined in Luminate Online

When approved transactions in Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) were a result of retrying the transaction after an initial problem processing the donation, Luminate Online now reflects the approved status.


Some Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) transactions remain unsettled in Luminate Online after disbursal

Updates were made to handle null pointer exceptions (NPEs) during transaction settlement with Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) so that transactions are not left in an unsettled state in Luminate Online.


Some PDF receipt links in an autoresponder do not generate a receipt for the transaction

Updates were made to Receipt Manager to resolve an issue that caused some PDF receipt links in an autoresponder to show an error when selected.


The Recurring Gift Terms Acceptance data element on a donation form encounters issues with newer versions of jQuery

The Recurring Gift Terms Acceptance data element for the Mastercard requirements onto a donation form, there are no longer issues with any jQuery version.


For Blackbaud Checkout, the option to turn off Direct Debit (ACH) on a responsive layout is not respected

When the direct debit (ACH) option is unchecked so that it is not offered on a responsive donation form used by Blackbaud Checkout, the choice is now respected and does not display to the donor.


The Blackbaud Checkout modal formatting doesn't look correct after the 22.6 release

The Blackbaud Checkout modal no longer has spacing and alignment issues, and the close button is visible.


In Blackbaud Checkout, the option to require donors to enter a name is not always enforced by Site Option, PAYMENT_BBCHECKOUT_IS_NAME_REQUIRED

When the PAYMENT_BBCHECKOUT_IS_NAME_REQUIRED Site Option is set to TRUE, the donor is required to provide a first and last name in all Blackbaud Checkout donations.


When Blackbaud Checkout is enabled, ACH (direct debit) defaults to TRUE even if no ACH is configured on the Merchant Account

When Blackbaud Checkout is enabled, the display of ACH (direct debit) option is off by default and must be enabled.


When using Blackbaud Checkout with the S-1300 Tag, the buttons showing the sustaining donation selection option with one-time and recurring labels do not display correctly

Buttons display as expected when the Blackbaud Checkout payment experience is presented to donors using the S-1300 Tag method.



Issue Description


In the new email experience, archived campaigns appear in the campaign list regardless of the archive filter

When the filter is set to exclude archived email campaigns, the new email experience no longer includes the campaigns in the displayed campaign list.


New email campaign dashboard statistics shows a lower average delivery percentage than delivery reports show

Statistics in the new email dashboard are now equal or more similar to the data found in email delivery reports.

In new email delivery statistics, we changed the label from Avg. forward rate to Avg. forwarded. The Average Delivery Rate algorithm was updated to use numberOfDeliveries instead of averageDeliveryRate in the calculation.

In classic email, the average delivery rate query was added into averageDeliveryRate on EmailCrossCampaignSummaryStats.


Some records were recorded incorrectly as hard bounces for autoresponders resulting in the records being filtered out of email

An update was made to ensure correct email status following the send of a transaction autoresponder.


Raiser's Edge - Luminate Online integration (RELO)

Issue Description


When using the RELO plugin, Calendar Event performance is slow

Calendar events that sync between Luminate Online and Raiser's Edge using RELO can now use an alternate sync method when there is observed poor performance. A new Site Option controls the updated synchronization when enabled.

Set the DATASYNC_REALTIME_NEW_API Site Option to TRUE to use the updated API to sync RELO calendar event data for improved load time. Ensure that DATASYNC_REALTIME_ENABLED is also set to TRUE.

February update: 2436572/


RELO Mirror Events do not sync and show a Technical Difficulties page after the 23.1.1 release

Mirrored events between Luminate Online and Raiser's Edge now work as expected.



Issue Description


After Firefox released an "Edit PDF" functionality, PDF receipt fields are editable on Firefox

When receiving a PDF receipt by email and opening the receipt link in Firefox, the receipt does not contain any editable fields.


Issue Description


Removal of deprecated and inactive Site Search

A deprecated and inactive Site Search Summary report was removed along with the associated Site Options. The search report from Reports Classic was removed from the administrator view, and the constituent-facing search for site data was also removed.



Issue Description


The Facebook Fundraiser End Date field allows entry of dates in the past which causes issues with the Facebook-TeamRaiser integration

The end date of a Facebook Fundraiser event can no longer be in the past for any TeamRaiser event.

Error validation on the field provides the following alert when a past date is entered: "Enter an end date for your Facebook Fundraiser that is after today's date but no more than five years in the future."


A TeamRaiser secondary registration was associated to an admin record, but admin records should be ignored when matching to existing constituent records and instead, a new constituent record should be created

Admin accounts are now ignored when matching to existing constituent records during TeamRaiser secondary registration. In the event a match is found but the match is an admin record, a new constituent record is created.


Unable to make donations through Facebook Fundraisers for TeamRaiser events when reCAPTCHA is enabled on the API-based donation form

On API-based donation forms that have reCAPTCHA enabled, donations are able to process from Facebook Fundraising and no longer encounter a "Something went wrong" error.


When trying to push TeamRaiser Blueprint changes that has three or more milestones, a java exception and blank page occur

TeamRaiser Blueprint changes on pages with three or more milestones now push to child pages successfully.


Participant Center 3 does not include all team members in the roster

All team members now display in the roster section of Participant Center 3.


When creating an email message in Participant Center 3 with a very large number of recipients, the autosave mechanism run by the updateDraft API method can cause a database lock

The updateDraft API used by autosave in the email composition of Particpant Center 3 no longer makes unnecessary calls that could impact the database.