To save information to a record — such as correspondence, artifacts from prospect research, pictures from fundraising events, or presentation files — you can upload or link to images , videos , PDFs , Microsoft Word documents , Excel spreadsheets , or other files .

  • To attach a file to a relationship, add it under Attachments on the constituent's record.

  • To attach a file about a specific task or interaction, add it to the action under Attachments on its record, under Actions on the constituent's record, or under Actions on the related opportunity record.

  • To attach a file about an opportunity, event, gift, campaign, fund, or appeal, add it under Attachments on its record.

For each attachment, you can view details such as its name, date, and tag.

To open an attachment in its native application or viewer, such as to edit a file or view a photo, select its name, URL, or icon. To quickly find a file under Attachments, filter the list by tag. Attachments appear in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Tip: Need to attach a file over 100 mb? Save it in a cloud storage account such as Dropbox or Google Drive and then attach its link to the constituent's record!

Tip: In the database view, you can attach files on the Media tab of constituent, event, or proposal records. These files appear under Attachments on their respective records in the web view. However, we strongly recommend you save these files as attachments in the web view instead. For details why, see Attachments or Media?.

Note: Admins! To enable people at your organization to attach files to campaigns, funds, or appeals, you must first choose which security groups should manage attachments for those records. For information, see Attachment Rights.