List Filters

To view only records that share specific characteristics, select Filters and choose the criteria of the items to work with. When you apply filters, you can view their selected criteria at the top of the list.

The filters available depend on the type of records in the list:

  • When you work with a list or map of constituents, you can use filters to fine-tune recipients of a communication or analyze wealth ratings.

  • When you work with a list of actions, you can use filters to prioritize overdue phone calls.

  • When you work with a list of opportunities, you can use filters to view and manage details and track your efforts to build relationships with prospects and secure major gifts

Tip: These filters are cumulative, so imagine an "and" between each. For example, if you specify both a status and an assigned fundraiser, you can create a list of past due actions assigned to you.

Tip: Constituent lists exclude deceased and inactive records by default. To view these records, select Filters and apply the Deceased and Inactive filters to your list. Select the filters at the top of the list and set their values to include deceased and inactive records.