Portal Users List

From Tools, Portal activity, under Portal users, you can view the current numbers of linked, invited, not invited, and blocked portal users.

To manage which constituents can access the portal, select View user list to open the Portal users page.

Each tab on this page contains a list of constituents you can filter and sort. To manage constituents, select their name and choose the action to take:

  • All — All constituents in your database. You can invite, block, or unblock them.

  • Linked — All users linked to a Blackbaud ID account and when they last accessed the portal or MobileMission. You can unlink and block them.

  • Invited — All constituents with pending or expired invitations. You can reinvite or block them.

  • Not invited — All constituents who have never received an invitation. You can invite or block them.

    Note: This list may include constituents who aren't eligible to be invited, such as deceased constituents or those without an email address on their record.

  • Blocked — All constituents blocked from accessing the portal. You can unblock them.

Tip: To quickly send invitations to a saved constituent list, select Send portal invitations.