Automatic Tribute Matching

With the Honor/Memorial Tracking module, you can track details about gifts given in honor, memory, or celebration of a person or cause. For example, donors may donate to your organization — in lieu of buying flowers — to memorialize a recently departed friend. In the database view, you manage the following types of records:

  • Honoree — The individual or organization constituent who the gift commemorates. You can indicate that you receive gifts in tribute to a constituent from the Honor/Memorial tab of their constituent record.

  • Tribute type — The reason for the commemoration. You can manage tribute types from the Honor/Memorial tab of a constituent’s record or the Tributes tab of a gift’s record.

  • Acknowledgees — The family members, friends, or associates to contact when you receive tribute gifts. You can add the people to contact — and pertinent details about them — on the Honor/Memorial tab of a constituent’s record.

If your organization enables donors to give in tribute on donation forms, Raiser’s Edge NXT matches tribute information from the forms to existing honorees, tributes, and acknowledgees before it creates new records.