Deceased Finder Results

When Deceased Finder runs, it compares your database against the Social Security Administration (SSA) death benefits database and other sources to return a list of individuals who may have passed away. In Tools, Data health, under Deceased Finder, you can view how many constituents Deceased Finder matched to individuals in its sources. To review the individuals Deceased Finder identified and verify whether they match constituents to mark as Deceased, select the Total records total.

To help with the research and decision-making, under Finder Results, you can view details about the individuals Deceased Finder identified.

To verify whether an individual Deceased Finder found matches a constituent:

  • Compare the individual's death date to the constituent's giving and interactions.

  • Compare the individual's birth year to the constituent's age or date of birth.

  • Research whether the constituent's still alive through an internet search or interaction with a known relative.

If you determine an individual matches a constituent, you can select Mark as..., Deceased from their record.

Once you determine whether an individual matches a constituent, under Finder Results, choose whether to mark them as Deceased or remove them from the results.

When a constituent passes away:

  • Notify everyone at your organization who helped manage their relationship.

  • Reach out to the constituent's spouse, family, and close friends to give your organization's condolences and express how much you valued the constituent's support.

  • If the constituent was active with your organization and you learn of their passing in time, send a representative to attend the funeral — but only if respectful of any wishes, such as those for private services.

Note: To help honor the memory of the deceased, a family member or friend may request that — in lieu of flowers — others donate to your organization to support a cause their loved one found meaningful. For more information, see Memorial Giving Best Practices.