Nightly Credit Card Processing for Recurring Gifts

To process recurring gift installments, a credit card process runs automatically at night (starts sometime between 3 and 5 a.m.) to process each online and offline recurring gift with a payment due. From Revenue, click EFT, and then Credit card processing. On the Credit Card Processing page, there is a process called Nightly Credit Card Processing for Recurring Gifts.

With this process, everything needed to run the credit card process for recurring gifts is configured for you. The process runs automatically so you don't need to worry about starting the process or creating a job schedule for it to run at a certain time.

The Payment batch template is set to "Enhanced Revenue Batch for Scheduled Credit Card Process". This is batch template created specifically for the nightly process. We recommend that you do not edit the selected fields on this batch template or you may have issues processing payments.

The Rejection handling tab on the nightly process is set to generate an exception batch for all payments with permanent or provisional rejections. When there are rejections, the program sends an email alert to assigned users to let them know that payments failed to process. For more information about email alerts, refer to Configure Credit Card Rejection Alerts.