Credit Card Processing

To transfer funds from a constituent’s credit card account, you must create a credit card transmission file to send to the Blackbaud Payment Service to authorize and process transactions with your merchant account. For example, you have several credit card transactions in a revenue batch to process. To receive the revenue, you must send the Blackbaud Payment Service specific information to initiate the transactions with your payment gateway. A transmission file contains this specific financial information, such as payment amounts and reference tokens to identify account numbers. When you run the credit card processing process, the program sends the transmission file to the Blackbaud Payment Service. The Blackbaud Payment Service securely replaces the reference tokens with their respective account numbers and sends the transmission file to your payment gateway. Using the transmission file, the payment gateway authorizes or rejects the credit card transactions and designates each with authorization or rejection codes.

Note: To process your credit card transactions, you must have a merchant account set up with a payment processor or gateway such as Blackbaud Merchant Services. For information about merchant accounts, refer to Merchant Accounts for the Blackbaud Payment Service.

On the Credit Card Processing page, you can view and manage the processes your organization uses to create credit card transmission files to send to the Blackbaud Payment Service. To access the Credit Card Processing page from Revenue, click EFT. On the EFT page, click Credit card processing.

The Credit card processing grid lists the credit card processing processes in the database. For each process, you can view its name, description, and batch number. You enter this information when you add the process to the database. To update the information that appears in the grid, click Refresh on the action bar.

Note: To process recurring gift installments paid by credit card, there is a process that runs automatically at night to process each online and offline recurring gift with a payment due. For more information about this process, see Nightly Credit Card Processing for Recurring Gifts.

You can view additional information about a credit card processing process, such as the status of its most recent instance or a history of previous instances. Under Credit card processing, click the name of the process to view. The status page of the process appears. For information about the items on the status page, refer to Credit Card Processing Process Status Page.

Note: Credit card refunds can be processed when you edit or delete transactions one at a time if the payment that has been processed by the Blackbaud Payment Service and the gateway that processed the credit card supports refunds. For more information, refer to Refund Credit Card Transactions.

Depending on your security rights and system role, you perform many functions to manage credit card processes in the database from the action bar.