Merchant Accounts for the Blackbaud Payment Service

To authorize and process credit card transactions, your organization uses a merchant account with a payment processor and a payment gateway. Blackbaud Merchant Services, Blackbaud's end-to-end payment solution, is included with Altru and is both the processor and the gateway. You may, however, select to use a separate payment processor and gateway with Altru.

When you set up a merchant account, the processor provides you with information such as login credentials, fraud protection, and supported currency and credit card types. To use the program to process credit card transactions, you must first enter this information to add the merchant account.

Note: For information about how to set up an account with Blackbaud Merchant Services, refer to Getting Started with Blackbaud Merchant Services at

On the Blackbaud Payment Service Merchant Accounts page, you view and manage the merchant accounts your organization uses with the Blackbaud Payment Service™. To access the Blackbaud Payment Service Merchant Accounts page from Revenue, click Blackbaud Payment Service merchant accounts under Configuration.

To help you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the program uses the Blackbaud Payment Service to securely store sensitive merchant account information outside of your database. To connect to this web service, the program requires the login credentials the Blackbaud Payment Service uses to identify your organization. For information about how to enter or edit these credentials in the program, refer to Edit Blackbaud Payment Service Login.

Note: The Blackbaud Payment Service securely stores information about the merchant accounts your organization uses. Since your organization may use merchant accounts with multiple Blackbaud programs, you cannot delete a merchant account from the Blackbaud Payment Service Merchant Accounts page. However, to prevent the use of a merchant account, you can mark it as inactive. To mark a merchant account as inactive, edit the account and select Inactive. For information about how to edit a merchant account, refer to Edit a Merchant Account.

The Merchant Accounts grid lists the merchant accounts your organization uses with the Blackbaud Payment Service. For each merchant account, you can view its name, gateway, currency type, and process mode. If your organization uses multiple merchant accounts with the Blackbaud Payment Service, you must also mark a merchant account as the default to use to authorize payments by credit card. The Default authorization account and Default card present account columns indicate which account is the default one used to authorize and process payments by credit card. To update the information that appears in the grid, click Refresh on the action bar.

By default, the grid displays only active merchant accounts. To display inactive merchant accounts, on the action bar, click Filters, select Include inactive, and click Apply. The Inactive column indicates which accounts are marked as inactive. To display only active merchant accounts again, click Reset.

Depending on your security rights and system role, you can manage the merchant accounts that appear in the grid.