Manage Event Packages

You can create event packages to sell a series of preregistered events for a single flat rate. For example, you can schedule each day of a weeklong summer camp and group the days together into an event package. A parent can register their child to attend the weeklong camp and pay one fee for the entire session. In Altru, you can then view the child's registration information across individual days within the camp, allowing you to accurately track attendance on a day-to-day basis.

When creating an event package, you can specify whether patrons can register for individual events within the package. For example, summer camp registrants may be required to attend the entire week, but you may offer a pottery class that meets every Monday for a month. You can configure the pottery class so that patrons can pay a flat rate to attend the entire month, or they can opt to sign up for individual classes on specific Mondays. To provide an incentive to buy more classes, you can define a discounted rate for patrons who purchase the entire package of pottery classes.

At this time, event packages can be sold online or through Advance Sales.