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Configure your Site for Luminate Online Open APIs

To use Luminate Online Open APIs, including Luminate Online Web Services, you'll need to complete some site configuration to enable and control API access. The Open API Configuration tool for site administrators performs some automatic configuration and assists with manual configuration of a site for API access. The tool also manages cross-domain access to the Open APIs from JavaScript clients and allows logging of Open API calls and downloading/viewing of log files.

The API and Web Services documentation is available at

Warning: Administrators added to the API Administrators group will not be able to log in to Luminate Online. See KB 68207.

Luminate Online Open APIs and Luminate Online Web Services permit clients to integrate features and functionality of the Luminate Online platform into other web server applications or web page content. These APIs can be divided into main categories based on how they are accessed. Each category offers slightly different features and has different configuration requirements. These three categories are:

The Open API Configuration tool enables a site administrator to easily configure access for any or all of these API categories.

Access the Open API Configuration Tool

Open API and Web Services Configuration

Configure and Test Scenarios