Add a Report

You can add a new report from the Reports list page in Financial Edge NXT.

  1. From the Reports list page, select Add.

  2. Under Basics, search for and select a report type. To understand each report type, see Report Categories.

  3. Enter a name and description, apply tags, and choose who can run or modify the report.

    Tip: To work with tags, select Manage tags from the Reports list page. For more information, see Reporting.

  4. To send an email of a generated report to one or more existing users, select Email report based on schedule. You can then specify dates, times, a recurrence, and frequency.

    For example, you can generate and email a daily income statement to all department heads in your organization. The report is sent as a PDF file and can easily be accessed via the email application associated with the recipient. Note that the details included in a report are based on the security access of the user who schedules the report. The recipient will be able to view all details, irrespective of their own security access.

    Warning: The ability to schedule, email, and receive reports is based on specific reporting permissions. Only users associated with the Queue task for the Shared components role can use Report Scheduler functionality. For more information, see Roles.

  5. Select Next.

  6. Under Parameters, specify details to include and set the formatting.

    Tip: Parameters vary based on the report you select. For more information, see Report Parameters.

  7. Depending on your needs, save and run the report immediately or save and return at a later time.

    Note: If you set a schedule, the report will be emailed at the date, time, and frequency you specified. If you chose an immediate start time, a slight delay may occur. To avoid, we recommend scheduling slightly ahead (such as a few minutes) to allow for processing time.