Journal Entry Batch Creator Excel Add-In

To extend the functionality of Financial Edge NXT, your organization can use additional applications created by Blackbaud, providers in the Blackbaud Partner Marketplace, someone at your organization, or approved external developers. These applications securely access your Financial Edge NXT data via the SKY API, so you can do more with your accounting efforts.

The Journal Entry Batch Creator add-in is an application built by Blackbaud and is available in Microsoft's Office Store. You can use this to enter transactions in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which you can then import and submit as a new journal entry batch to Financial Edge NXT. This integration enables flexible data entry (in bulk) and saves time, especially when entering similar data.

To access the add-in from Financial Edge NXT, from the Solutions menu in the upper left corner, select Marketplace. An administrator must approve and activate the add-in, and confirm you have appropriate rights to access records, such as accounts and projects. You can then download the add-in from Microsoft's Office Store.

Note: The Journal Entry Batch Creator add-in works only with the latest version of Microsoft Office (i.e. Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2021 and above versions). You can choose to use the add-in from Microsoft Office 365 or from your desktop version.

For information about working with journal entry batches in Financial Edge NXT, see Journal Entry.