What's Next

In upcoming releases of Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, we'll continue to improve and enhance existing functionality, as well as provide new features. While we can't say definitively when these features and enhancements will be released, we do want to share some areas of focus.

  • Total web solution — As Financial Edge NXT shifts to a total web solution, we're moving features from database view exclusively to web view over the next several months. Since we release in waves, you may receive the updates immediately or in a future release. To track details and timelines, bookmark Total Web Solution and What's New.

    Tip: Periodically, a Review total web solution features screen will display in Financial Edge NXT listing upcoming features that are moving to web view.

  • Import Payables invoices — To save time and increase efficiency around data entry, import Payables invoices in web view.

  • Expense management approval rule groups — From Expenses, Settings in web view, use the new Approval rule groups tab to add, edit, and delete approval rule groups, associate approval rules, and specify which users to include in those groups. These new approval rule groups are no longer tied to the security groups you previously configured in database view (from Accounts Payable, Administration).

  • Manage bank group security and assign users — Add, edit, and delete bank security groups in web view, and specify which users are included in those groups. Moving this workflow to web view will open more opportunities to release important features. Previously, you managed security groups for bank accounts in database view.

  • Manage signature security in web view

  • Manage account and project security in web view

  • Create purchase orders from purchase requests

  • Payables business rules — Manage Payables business rules in web view. Business rules help you customize standard procedures and requirements.

What’s Next for Receivables in Web View

With the read-only Preview for Receivables now complete, we're releasing related features in web view. In addition to the features we've released so far, we'll release these features in Q2 2024:

  • Manage and edit charge lists and records.

  • Manage and edit credit lists and records.

  • Manage and edit payment lists and records (we'll support applications in a future release).

  • Generate statements from existing parameters.

  • To facilitate extensibility, provide Get and List beta endpoints for recently released records.