Logging in with Blackbaud ID (BBID)

Note: For additional assistance, please reach out to the Parent Contact Center .

You will use Blackbaud ID (BBID) as your login for Blackbaud Financial Aid Management. BBID provides a secure sign in experience and enables users to access Blackbaud's suite of K-12 education management solutions, including Financial Aid Management and Tuition Management, with a single email address and password. When signing into Financial Aid Management, you can use your existing BBID or create a new BBID if needed.

Warning: Because financial information is especially sensitive, take extra care to keep your login information secure. Do not send your password to anyone by email, instant message, or other forms of non-secure communication. Do not use the same password for multiple websites. If you believe your password is compromised, contact Blackbaud Financial Aid Management and select a new password as soon as possible.