Create Funding Source Reports

Reports created for the Funding Source area detail all funding sources for the applications or nominations on file. All funding sources are included in the report by default. Apply a filter to narrow these results.

Warning: Additional permissions are required to build this report. Learn more.

  1. Navigate to the Reporting > Ad Hoc and Data Feeds area.

  2. From the Ad Hoc tab, select the Create report button.

  3. From the Create Report screen, configure the report.

    1. Set the report area to Funding Sources.

    2. Provide a name for the report.

    3. Optional - Include a brief description.

    4. Optional - Choose an existing report to use as a template from the Start from template field.

  4. Select Create Report to save the configuration.

  5. On the Manage Report page, drag and drop columns from the panel on the left to the space on the right to add them to the report.

    Tip: It is recommended to include the Funding Source ID or Name in the report to make it easier to identify each funding source.

    Note: Only columns and headers will display in Edit Mode. Data will appear in the Report View. For more information about the actions that can be taken in Edit Mode, see the Edit Reports resource.

  6. Save all changes.

To view the application associated with the report, select the View application icon in the Report View. Additionally, all dates and times in the report display in the time zone specified in the user's settings.

Tip: Any reports you create are saved in the system under My reports. To find these, filter the search results in the Ad Hoc table by My reports.