Export Budget Summary

An Excel or CSV file summarizing an organization's budgets can be exported from GrantsConnect using the Data Hub tools.

Note: The data included in your export is dependent on your permissions. Learn more.

  1. Navigate to the Reporting > Data Hub > Budgets area.

  2. Select the Build new export button.

  3. From the Budget Export screen, specify the information to be included in the export.

    1. Provide a name for the export. This is the name under which the export will be saved in GrantsConnect.

    2. Include a brief description.

    3. Select any budgets to be included in the export. If no budgets are selected, then all budgets will be included in the file.

    4. Specify the file type (i.e., Excel, CSV).

  4. Select Build to generate the export.

Depending on the size of the budgets selected, it may take a few minutes to generate the export file. The system will automatically send an email to the user that initiated the export when the file is ready.