Automate Manual Recurring Gifts

A recurring gift created in the database view requires manual payment processing. To save time and eliminate the need to manually process payments, you can convert it to an automatic recurring gift in the web view if it's:

  • Active.

  • Scheduled to end in the future (or doesn't have an end date).

  • Scheduled to process monthly, weekly, every two or four weeks, quarterly, every six months, or annually.

    Note: To convert a recurring gift that processes monthly, quarterly, or every six months, its schedule must be set to process installments on a specific day. For example, you can convert a gift that processes on the 15th day of every month, but you can't convert a gift that processes on the first Friday of every month.

  • Scheduled to start on a date that matches its scheduled frequency. For example, if a gift's payments process on the first of every month, its start date must be the first of a month.

    Note: Its gift date does not need to match its scheduled frequency, but its start date does.

  • Paid by credit card or direct debit.

    Note: Recurring gifts paid by direct debit must process through Blackbaud Merchant Services. Only U.S. direct debit payments are eligible to convert.

  • Not set to skip payments today or in the future.

  • Not set to process an installment on the current date.

Warning: After you convert a recurring gift, automated payments begin with the next scheduled installment. To complete previous installments, process them in the database view before you convert the gift.

Tip: If a recurring gift can't be converted, an alert appears on its record. In the database view, edit the gift to update its record and ensure it meets the stated requirements. For example, you can add an amendment to a gift so that its start date matches its scheduled frequency.