Deceased Finder

Tip: Don't see Deceased Finder? No need to worry. If all goes well based on feedback and usage, expect its wider release in a future update.

To help improve your Deceased health score, under Deceased Finder, you can enable Deceased Finder to continually compare your database against its sources to identify individuals who may have passed away based on your constituents' names and primary addresses.

  • Names

  • Primary addresses

  • Birth dates

Tip: To enable Deceased Finder to run, first acknowledge Blackbaud can submit your constituent data for review.

When you enable Deceased Finder, you can view the records it identifies, including how many are new that month or week and were since marked as Deceased.

To enable Deceased Finder to run, your organization must acknowledge Blackbaud can scan your data to identify possibly deceased individuals.

Note: If your organization hasn't yet saved its acknowledgement, or if the acknowledgement is due for annual renewal, "Acknowledgement required" appears under Deceased Finder.