To get a user started, first consider their needs in your Blackbaud solution to determine whether you should add them as a user or an admin.

  • User — A user has access to certain features and tasks for a Blackbaud solution. A user can also sign in to Blackbaud's website with their Blackbaud ID to view their profile and other resources, such as Blackbaud University.

    Note: If you use multiple Blackbaud solutions, you can make a user an admin for specific solutions. For more information, see Add user for one or multiple Blackbaud solutions.

  • Admin — An admin has full access to all features and tasks, including the ability to manage users and other admins.

After you make this decision, add them from Control panel, Users. The name and email address is required to automatically invite a user to your Blackbaud solution. After a user accepts the invitation, they use their Blackbaud ID to access feature areas and tasks based on the roles you assign. They also use their Blackbaud ID to sign in to Blackbaud's website and access their profile and resources, such as Central.

Note: Everyone at your organization with a Blackbaud ID appears in the list of users— not just those with Raiser's Edge NXT. If the user already has a Blackbaud ID and you need to provide access to a new Blackbaud solution, edit their roles. For more information, see User Details.

Tip: The count on the list of users includes all users, regardless of status.