Goal Meter Designer

A goal meter displays the progress of a fundraising goal and updates dynamically as you receive gifts. You can customize the goal meter's style to match your website. After you embed it on your website, any future changes you make to the styling or goal amount update automatically.

You can use either a gift list or a donation form as the source of donations for a goal meter. When a gift list is the source, the gifts must be approved in batch to be included in the goal's total amount. After approval, it may take up to 30 minutes for your embedded goal meter's total to update.

When a donation form is the source of a goal meter, the total amount is updated shortly after the donation is processed via the form. Donor cover fees are included in the goal meter's total amount. For more information, see Fee Coverage. Changes made to the donation after the initial transaction, such as a refund, are not reflected in the total amount. For recurring gifts received through the donation form, only the first gift is included in the total amount.