Set up stewardship branding

From Site, Settings, Stewardship Content, your System Administrator or Stewardship System Administrator can set up Stewardship-specific branding elements.

These include:

  • Stewardship Site Title: Change the title on your donor portal to be related to your advancement or foundation office

  • Stewardship Site URL: Include a main website link to your donor advancement office

  • Stewardship Email: Include a stewardship-specific email address for donor emails

  • Source Field for Recipient Avatar:

    • An avatar is a small image of an applicant to share with donor contacts

    • Often, you'll collect avatars via an image upload question on opportunities

    • Use this field to pull the information from a specific question response into the recipient avatar field

  • Hide Recipient Award Details on Donor Portal: Select this option to prevent donors from seeing the details of recipient awards

  • Give Now Link Address: Where donors are directed if they select the Give Now button in the donor portal

    • To link this button to an Online Express form, contact Blackbaud Support

  • Contact Us Link Address: Where donors are directed if they select the Contact button in the donor portal

Note: For more elements of stewardship branding, go to Site, Settings, Styles and Site, Settings, Content.