Blackbaud IDs

To access the portal, a constituent logs in with a Blackbaud ID account, similar to the one you use to access Raiser's Edge NXT. This account links the user's portal profile to their constituent record in Raiser's Edge NXT so giving and profile information flow securely between the applications.

When a constituent accesses the portal URL for the first time, they're prompted to sign up for a Blackbaud ID. They must enter an email address and password for login credentials, and their first and last name.

  • To help ensure Blackbaud IDs are linked to the correct constituent records, in Raiser's Edge NXT, you can email portal invitations to constituents asking them to create accounts. When a constituent accepts their invitation, the portal sign-up screen is prefilled with the first name, last name, and primary email address from their constituent record. You can send portal invitations to one constituent or a list.

  • If a user creates an account from the portal without an invitation, Raiser's Edge NXT uses the email address, first name, and last name from the Blackbaud ID to match them to a constituent record. If it finds a match, it links the Blackbaud ID to the constituent record automatically. If it doesn't find a match or finds multiple matches, the constituent receives an error and may need assistance to create their account. Use the user account activity log to troubleshoot Blackbaud ID issues. You can unlink a constituent's Blackbaud ID, if needed.

  • You can block or unblock a constituents access to the portal.

Note: Raiser's Edge NXT users can log in to the portal with their existing Blackbaud ID.