User Account Activity Log

If a constituent has issues creating a Blackbaud ID or logging in to the portal, you can check the user account activity log to help troubleshoot issues. For example, a constituent receives an error if they attempt to create an account using an email address that's associated with multiple constituent records in Raiser's Edge NXT. The activity log provides additional information about errors and tips for how to resolve them.

Troubleshoot Access Issues

From Tools, Portal activity, under User account activity log you can view a summary of account activity for this week. To view a detailed list of all activity, select View activity log.

  • To find a specific sign-up issue, you can search the list by error ID, name, or email address. You can also filter the list by date or error type.

  • To match new users to constituent records, Raiser's Edge NXT checks the primary email address, then last name, then first name. Errors in the activity log display which constituents matched users based on this information.

  • In certain scenarios when Raiser's Edge NXT finds no matches or only partial matches between the Blackbaud ID and constituent record(s), the constituent may continue signup and Raiser's Edge NXT creates a new constituent record for the user. Typically, this only occurs when the user is new to your organization and doesn't have a constituent record yet. However, if the user does have an existing constituent record that isn't matching for some reason, you may end up with duplicates.

    Note: Because their Blackbaud ID is linked to a new (and empty) constituent record, users in the duplicates scenario can't view their giving history or profile information in the portal until their Blackbaud ID is linked to their existing constituent record. To link the Blackbaud ID, in Data health, merge the empty duplicate record with the existing populated one. For more information, see Duplicate Management.

Tip: To avoid linking issues and duplicate records, we recommend that you always invite constituents to create Blackbaud IDs. You can send portal invitations to an individual recipient or a list.