Online Data Review

With Online data review, you can review transactions that come through donation forms and link them to existing constituent records or create a new constituent. You have the option to choose automatic matching, which is the default, or choose one of the two review options to manually link transactions to constituents.

To set security access for Online data review, see Online Data Review Security.

To navigate to Online data review, select Fundraising, Gift Management. Under Settings, select Online data review to choose how to match transactions:

  • Use automatic constituent matching — Automatically match any unmatched transactions to constituents. If there's no match, a new constituent is created. For more information, see Automatic Constituent Matching.

  • Note: By default, transactions automatically match to constituents. To review transactions, you must select either Review transactions with unmatched constituents or Review and match all transactions.

  • Review transactions with unmatched constituents — Manually review transactions with unmatched constituents.

  • Review and match all transactions — Manually review all transactions.

Note: You need to complete the transaction review first before approving batches if a manual review setting is enabled.

Tip: You can select Online data review settings from Control panel, Settings, Gift management, Online data review. For more information, see Gift Management Settings.

Tip: Organization matches appear only when you search for organizations.

After you complete reviewing the transaction data, you can approve the batches.