Gift Receipting

To help donors track their charitable giving, you should provide a receipt for their gifts. You can issue a single receipt per gift or send donors a statement for all the gifts they've donated within a selected date range. From Fundraising, Gift receipting, you can send receipts via email or PDF, set the receipt status of gifts, create email templates, and receipt series. Receipts in Gift receipting include organizational information that is often required or expected on a receipt document. For more information, see Acknowledgments and Receipts.

All gifts must be approved in a batch before they can be receipted in Gift receipting. For more information see Gift Batches.

Note: It may take up to 30 minutes for new or updated gift information to appear in lists.

From Fundraising, Gift receipting, you can adjust which the gifts display by date and fund using the Filter Filter. For more information, see Gift Receipting Filters.

Tip: TheContribution amount field on the receipt is called the Receipt amount on the gift's record.

Note: If you're using optimized donation forms to take test donations, receipts aren't generated for test donations. Don't have optimized donation forms? Expect its wider release in a future update.