Tables are fields where you can predefine entries to save time and promote data consistency.

For example, one of your users could enter “website” in your How did you hear about us field on a constituent record, while another could enter “internet.” From Control panel, Tables, you can make “website” the standard entry for all your users, thereby making the information easy to retrieve from your database in queries and reports.

Tip: To keep entries uniform, navigate to Control panel, Security and limit rights for your users to add and edit table entries. For more information, see Security.

Raiser's Edge NXT includes tables for all the fields in your database by default. From the list, you can view and manage the entries for each table. You can also manage tables you define including donor category and attribute tables.

To locate a table, select the category of fields it belongs to — such as Biographical — or search for it above the list.

Note: Attribute tables appear in the category list when you select All.

Table Entries

A table entry is a value for a table. Most tables only require you to enter a description for an entry. Entries for special tables, including awards, benefits, donor category, phone, and ratings, require additional details.