From Tools, Workflow designer, create and edit processes — known as workflows — to automatically send emails to constituents or assign actions to people in your organization. For example, create a workflow that sends new constituents a series of welcome emails, or that assigns phone calls and meetings to fundraisers to engage prospective donors.

Note: Workflow Designer uses Lists and relies on users to have permissions to those lists. Workflows can't be processed if the user who activated the workflow no longer has the appropriate permissions or access. This includes users who activate a workflow then leave the organization. If this happens, copy the workflow and activate it again under a different user's account. Furthermore, if a list gets deleted, you'll need to copy the workflow, apply a new list to it, then activate it again.

Tip: Admins! To manage who can use and see these features, you can provide access from Control Panel, Security. For more information, see Workflow Designer Security.