Gift Management

From Fundraising, Gift management, you can track charitable giving from your constituents. You can:

  • Manage gifts as a group with a shared batch ID.

  • Use the batch approval process for data quality control.

  • Save batches while in progress and return later to add more gifts.

  • Add gifts one at a time, such as when you only have a few gifts to enter, select Add, Add a single gift. For more information, see Gifts.

  • Add multiple gifts at one time, select Add, Add a batch of gifts.

  • Post gifts to the ledger by default.

    Note: To change the gift's post status before approving a batch, see Edit a batch's gifts.

  • Match gifts with constituents. For more information, see Online Data Review.

  • View gift batches from other sources, such as automatic recurring gifts.

To create records for the gifts in a batch, select the batch number to open the batch and select Approve.

Warning: Future recurring gift payments won't process until you approve the batch to create the recurring gift record.

For more information, see Gift Batches.