Get started With Prospect Insights

From Fundraising, Prospect insights, you can:

Set permissions

From Control Panel, Security, you can specify which users can view and manage major giving prospects.

Under Roles, Fundraiser roles, select add to add a fundraiser role. Under Prospect workflow tasks, select which permissions to grant to the role. Then assign the role to the appropriate users.

Role tasks:

Tip: To work with prospects, users must also have security group access to — at a minimum — view constituent and gift information. In the database view, admins can choose whether security groups can access, add, edit, or delete constituent and gift records in Administration, Security. Users may also need permissions for other areas, such as the Fundraising Work Center.

Qualify and assign untapped candidates

Note: Only fundraisers can be assigned to a prospect. Fundraisers must be set up as Raiser's Edge NXT users and marked as a fundraiser on their constituent record. For more information, see Fundraisers.

Under Untapped candidates, you can access constituents with high likelihood scores for major giving who haven't been qualified for cultivation yet or assigned to a fundraiser. When you select a candidate, you can view details about their projected giving for the next 12 months, including their likelihood score and target gift range. For more information, see Prospect Giving Indicators and Behaviors.

Review prospects

To make sure you're focused on the best candidates for major giving, under Needs Attention, you can view which prospects may need review.

Manage your Prospect Portfolio

To view information about your assigned prospects, under Related links, select Your prospects. For example, during portfolio reviews, you may want to confirm a prospect's latest giving and wealth data aligns with your plans for cultivation. You can also quickly review their previous and current actions and opportunities as you plan new interactions.

From the list, select a prospect to review. On their page, you can:

Analyze progress

From Fundraising, Prospect insights, you can view metrics to help you track how your portfolio quality has changed since you began using Prospect Insights. As you continue to use Prospects Insights, you'll be able to gauge your portfolio's progress over time.