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Release 24.1.1

Release 24.0.1

Participant Center Changelog

Good Move App Changelog


Link Manager

April 8, 2024

Now you can review and manage all links in your Luminate site in the Link Manager.

Being aware of all links in your Luminate site is useful for various reasons, especially to identify those that use http:// instead of https://. The new Link Manager easily scans your entire site and organizes your links by application, object, link tag, and more.

Select Library, Link Manager, then select Run Link Manager Task. The Link Manager returns a list of all internal and external links from your site, including web pages, images, videos, and CSS files. From the list, select View to see the application and object where the link is located. Select Edit to update the link.

For full details, see Link Manager.

Note: Although you will see links for all applications, you must have permission to access an application to edit a link in that application. MultiCenter sites must use the All Centers view to see and edit links.

This feature is automatically enabled, at no additional cost, for all customers.


Version 24.1.1 Release notes

March 2024

The Luminate Online 24.1.1 release contains security updates, feature enhancements, and resolved issues. The updates are available to all customers without the need to contact Blackbaud to enable.

Product Updates


Live TeamRaiser Event Participant Report

Coming soon!

A new participant report provides statistics so you can see the progress of your TeamRaiser event participants in real time.

See Live Event Participant Report to learn more about this configurable, actionable report view for your in-person event participants.


Good Move Admin Tools

Good Move Support for Blueprint TeamRaisers

You can now enable Good Move activity tracking at the Blueprint TeamRaiser level so that all child events automatically include this option. Changes made to the Good Move App Setup section at the Blueprint level push to all child events.

When you configure Good Move on a Blueprint, you can lock or unlock sections of the Good Move options so that they cannot be changed in the child events.

See Blueprint TeamRaisers: Manage Good Move App Configuration and Push Notifications for Child Events for more information.


Quick Start Activity Tracking with Rule Collections

Get a jump start on activity tracking rules by selecting a Rule Collection to auto-fill your event rules.

Rules define how participants earn activity points for your event. Rule Collections offer preset scoring rules to quickly get started. For example, you can choose a walking challenge where each mile is one point, or a distance challenge where each mile walked or run is one point, and every three miles biked is one point.

Rule Collections also include a Partial Credit and Individual Daily Point Limit for your event.

See Add Activity Tracking Rules for more information.


Brand thumbnail and header preview in the app

In the App Branding section of the Good Move App Setup, you can now view a static preview of where the Event Header and Thumbnail images will appear in the app. This allows administrators to understand where the uploaded images appear to users in the app.

Note: The example preview does not show the actual uploaded image.


Good Move Notification Manager enhancements

You can now copy notifications in the Good Move Notification Manager. When copied, the date and time are not included, but the teams originally targeted continue to be targeted in the copied version.

You can also now view all details of a notification that was sent in the past.

View details and copy notifications using the icons to the right of each notification.

Learn more at Good Move Notification Manager: Create and Manage Push Notifications.


Blackbaud Checkout Locale Support

Blackbaud Checkout now respects Multiple Locale settings in Luminate Online for the following locales:

  • en_US (English US)

  • en_AU (English Australia)

  • fr_CA (French Canada)

Previously, Blackbaud Checkout determined locales based on a payer’s browser settings. For more information, see Multiple Locale Support in Luminate Online Help.


TeamRaiser Integration with Facebook Fundraising

Following Meta's change to move from Blackbaud Merchant Services to Meta Pay, and Meta Pay to PayPal Giving Fund, we continue enhance the new integration.

Gifts made to a TeamRaiser-linked Facebook Fundraiser will now show the donation date as the day the gift was made, instead of the date of the data sync. This update will allow for easier reconciliation of reports between the systems.

Administrator Help Documentation Update

Luminate Online administrator help documentation now uses the standard Blackbaud documentation style and includes a feedback option on each page. Feedback is monitored and addressed monthly.

Please update bookmarks to use this new site.

Luminate Online administrator documentation

We will deprecate the previous administrator documentation later this year and use redirects to the link above.


Resolved Issues

Issues were resolved in: API | Constituent360 | Donations | Email | Good Move| Reports | System | TeamRaiser


Bug Description


The getGroupMembers API method returns only 1000 members and does not support pagination to retrieve the remaining constituents

The getGroupMembers API now supports pagination so that you can page through the list of constituent records to retrieve all group members.

The following parameters are now supported in getGroupMembers support pagination: list_page_size, list_page_offset, and list_record_offset.

See the getGroupMembers API documentation.


Bug Description


On a constituent record, the postal code/zip code, state and county fields are not deleted on the first attempt

In Constituent360, a constituent record is updated immediately after deleting postal/zip code, state, or country values and saving the update.


After searching for an organization with an ampersand (&) in the name, search results include unexpected organization names

In Constituent360, Organizations, searching for an organization with an ampersand (&) in the name now produces expected search results.


Bug Description


The Service Center tab is missing from a constituent's profile

When the Donor Gift Self-Service Center is enabled, the Service Center tab is now visible from a constituent profile.


Donations that have no Tribute or Honor information capture a sender email in the donor_recognition_log causing issues with integrations

Only donations that have an associated Tribute or Honor name will capture the sender email in the donor recognition log.


A custom constituent import can remove records that have active sustaining gifts which causes the payments to not be recorded in Luminate Online

During a custom constituent import, records that have active sustaining gifts are no longer removed so that payments are recorded.

2731217, 2741845

Blackbaud Checkout in Luminate Online defaults to the locale of US to show English instead of defaulting to use the site and donation form locale

Blackbaud Checkout now uses localization to respect the language of the default country for the site and donation form.


In rare situations, Blackbaud Checkout can create duplicate transactions in Luminate Online when there is only one transaction in the merchant account

Blackbaud Checkout only creates one transaction after processing the gift in the merchant account.


Bug Description


Bulk emails that have invalid content because they use the S47/E47 S-Tags don't log errors properly

Because the S47/E47 S-Tags are not allowed in email content, an update was made to handle errors that occur when a bulk email message contains unsupported S-Tags.


Database connections used by the BBCS Bounce Processor need to be modified for the future

Updates were made to ensure continuous, reliable email processing and delivery.


In rare cases, emails do not send and return the error, "The sending of this email encountered an issue. Please re-send your message"

Email Campaign messages send as expected.

Good Move

Bug Description


The URL to download Good Move is broken in the First Good Move App Announcement Email autoresponder

The First Good Move App Announcement Email autoresponder now has a working URL for the QR code:


When the Download Good Move component is on the Thank You page, custom content is erased 30 minutes after it is added

When the Download Good Move component is on the Thank You page, any added content or HTML continues to persist after saving.


Bug Description


When you run the Email Performance Report by Group Report and filter with a group created from Query, the report fails with an error

In Data Management, Reports, Report Writer, you can now successfully run the Email Performance Report by Group Report and filter with a group created from Query.


After the Luminate Online 23.5 release, the Total External Confirmed Gifts($) column in the Performance by Team report generated errors

Although this was immediately resolved for all sites following the Luminate Online 23.5 release, an update was made in this release to permanently resolve this issue so that the Total External Confirmed Gifts($) value in the Performance by Team report generates as expected.


Bug Description


Group Summary is not updated when all members are removed

After removing all members of a group, the Group Summary now updates to reflect the correct number of members in the group.


BBCRM LO Integration that uses the SRForceAPI mergeConstituents does not move survey data to the master constituent records resulting in errors in BBCRM integration

When the BBCRM-LO Connector merges two Luminate Online constituents using the mergeConstituents API, the USER_ID field on the SURVEY_LOG record in Luminate Online is updated to the new constituent ID.


Autoresponders that include an image are not tracked as opened unless a link is clicked in the autoresponder

Autoresponders are now tracked as opened when an email is opened and images load.


Links in autoresponder emails that use a prefix of "tel:" in the URL are identified as relative links and rewritten with the domain/path causing the link to break

When an autoresponder is edited to contain a link with a destination of "tel:1-513-XXX-XXXX", the link maintains the intended destination.


In MultiCenter, the Center Opt In recurring task can result in Oracle error, "ORA-01722: invalid number"

In MultiCenter, the Center Opt In recurring task completes without error.


Bug Description


TeamRaiser Participant Center settings that disable the option for participants to add links in the Rich Text Editor for Suggested Messages are not respected

When Rich Text Editor Available for Content is enabled for Suggested Messages, the setting to prevent participants from adding links or images into the Suggested Messages is once again respected.

When disabled, participants can no longer add images, web page links, or documents to Suggested Messages. You can find these settings when you edit a TeamRaiser, Identify TeamRaiser, Select Event Options, Related Actions, Edit Advanced Options, Define Misc Options, then clear these two options: Yes, allow participants to paste links from other web pages and Microsoft Word documents into the RTE content area and Yes, allow participants to drag and drop images from other web pages into the RTE content area.


After a TeamRaiser registration refund, the TeamRaiser Registration Full Refund autoresponder does not display data from the S120 S-Tag

When the TeamRaiser Registration Full Refund autoresponder is edited to include data pulled in via the S120 S-Tag, the expected values now display in emails sent after a full registration refund.


TeamRaiser ACH reversal/refunds are not properly removed after a system automated payment refund/delete

Refunds (reversals) for an ACH payment made on a donation form that is associated with a TeamRaiser event properly update TeamRaiser gift records to correctly reflect totals.


When merging constituents with active TeamRaiser registrations, the remaining constituent is not updated for Milestones they may meet due to the merge

When constituents with active TeamRaiser registrations are merged, the remaining constituent record's Milestones reflect combined accomplishments.


The National Company Team List page displays the Organization name instead of the Company name

The National Company Team List page now displays the Company name instead of the Organization name.


If a session is invalidated during transaction processing, duplicate TeamRaiser Gifts with the same Transaction ID are sometimes created

TeamRaiser gifts are no longer duplicated when a session is invalidated during processing.


Facebook gifts are not soft-credited to a participant, and the Transaction tab's Source column shows Blackbaud SAS Integration instead of the participant name. Attempting to soft-credit to the correct participant leads to an error

Facebook gifts are soft credited to the correct participant, and the participant's name displays in the Source column in the Transaction tab.


Facebook donors have an incorrect name in the participant address book that does not match the actual donor name

For Facebook donations, the donor name in the participant address book now matches the actual donor name.


Using the S42 S-Tag with invalid parameters causes system errors and returns a null (empty) response

The S42 S-Tag now returns a dollar amount when an invalid or unrecognized parameter is used.


Gifts made to a Facebook Fundraiser that is integrated with TeamRaiser may not be correctly coded in Luminate Online reports, causing the creation method to show as "Offline," "Online," or "Sustaining" instead of "3"

Gifts that are collected from a Facebook Fundraiser donation now show as a value of "3" to distinguish the creation method in the Transaction Details Report and other reports that include this value.


When configuring a TeamRaiser, the word, 'null,' appears at the top of the Identify TeamRaiser step

The Identify TeamRaiser step of TeamRaiser configuration no longer has the word, "null," on the page.


In a TeamRaiser registration record, selecting Sort by Payment Type takes you to a Technical Difficulties page and if you select back, all gifts disappear

On a TeamRaiser registration record, you can once again sort a registration record by Payment Type.


Gifts made to a Facebook Fundraiser that is integrated with TeamRaiser as well as other external donations are not capturing data for constituent milestones

Although this issue was temporarily resolved for all sites, this release includes a permanent update to ensure that all external donations count toward a constituent's Milestone progress.


In Participant Center, participants are able to create a second Facebook Fundraiser while the first Facebook Fundraiser is still active causing incorrect data syncs and totals

Participants are not able to have more than one active Facebook Fundraiser at a time. If a participant tries to create a second Facebook Fundraiser from the Participant Center, the following error displays in the Participant Center:

"You already have an active Facebook Fundraiser. End and delete your current Facebook Fundraiser to create a new one."

As a part of this update, the error code of 2767 was added to the TeamRaiser API error code reference documentation.


Gifts made to a Facebook Fundraiser that is integrated with TeamRaiser do not trigger the "Someone Made a Donation on Your Behalf" autoresponder email for participants

Donations made to a Facebook Fundraiser that is integrated with TeamRaiser now trigger the "Someone Made a Donation on Your Behalf" autoresponder email to the participant.


Gifts made to a Facebook Fundraiser that is integrated with TeamRaiser do not show on National Company Events Lists

National Company event list pages now show totals of all donations, including gifts made to a Facebook Fundraiser that is integrated with TeamRaiser.


Extra TeamRaiser events are created when using the Blueprint upload of a CSV that has commas in columns

When using an uploaded CSV file to create TeamRaisers as Blueprint events, Luminate Online now handles commas in the DONATION_ASK_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE or EVENT_RECRUITMENT_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE columns so that the same number of events that are in the CSV file are created and message templates match exactly.


Add donation_date parameter support in facebookDonate FBDOR

When using an uploaded CSV file to create TeamRaisers as Blueprint events, Luminate Online now handles commas in the DONATION_ASK_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE or EVENT_RECRUITMENT_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE columns so that the same number of events that are in the CSV file are created and message templates match exactly.


Version 24.0.1 Release notes

January 2024

The Luminate Online 24.0.1 release contains security updates and compliance enhancements. The updates are available to all customers without the need to contact Blackbaud to enable.


Product Updates


Administrator Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Via SMS

With this release, Luminate Online administrators will now authenticate with a verified phone number for login. This update replaces the one-time codes that were sent to administrators via email.


Log In screen of Luminate Online shows a field to enter a mobile phone number

The frequency of authentication remains the same as the previous two-factor authentication email code. When the This connection is private option is selected, SMS authentication is not needed again for 30 days.

Tip: Admins on a private connection who previously authenticated location within the past 30 days may not be sent or prompted for a code after entering their phone number until the current authentication expires.

In MultiCenter environments, center admins can use the same phone number for different centers. SMS authentication is configured for each administrator for each site.

Note: This update applies only to administrators logging in to Luminate Online. The login experience for Event Managers, Company Coordinators, participants, and supporters does not change. API login behavior also does not change.


California Assembly Bill 488 Compliance

The State of California recently enacted legislation, California Assembly Bill 488 (CA AB488), which regulates online charitable fundraising in the state. The law prohibits charitable fundraising platforms, like Blackbaud, from assisting organizations not in “good standing” in California with making charitable solicitations to and receiving funds from California residents.

Note: Any U.S. registered charitable organization that operates or solicits donations in California is subject to this law. It does not impact organizations registered outside of the United States.

California aggregates data from three lists to determine whether charitable organizations are in good standing. For details of these lists, and what to do if your organization is on the list, see California Assembly Bill 488: Impact to Charitable Organizations.

Consistent with our legal obligation, beginning January 1, 2024, transactions made through Blackbaud solutions by California donors to organizations that are not in “good standing” will no longer be accepted. To comply, Luminate Online now enforces the following updates.


Recipient Charitable Organization Due Diligence (Part 4)

Luminate Online now prevents any transaction from a California address toward an organization that is active on one of the lists described in California Assembly Bill 488: Impact to Charitable Organizations. The restriction includes all transactions and all transaction types, including recurring, direct debit donations.

California donors, identified by zip code, are notified on the transaction page with the following message:

"California state law prohibits this transaction. Contact the organization to donate."

If a donor doesn't provide a zip code, the transaction is assumed to be from California and is prevented.


Information Delivery Requirements (Part 7)

Luminate Online now requires that donors be provided proof of a donation through a tax donation receipt. To comply, the Transaction Summary component in Donation Management was updated and is now enforced on the Thank You page.

The Transaction Summary component now includes the recipient organization name. For MultiCenter, the center name is used. Following a successful transaction, the on-screen transaction summary displays to the donor which allows them to review and print it out, if desired.

By default, every Thank You page contains a Transaction Summary. If removed, you cannot save the Thank You page until the Transaction Summary component is included. To allow for easy insert onto the page, the component is now available in the list of components that can be inserted in donor screens.

For previously-designed pages, if the Transaction Summary is not included on the donation form's Thank You page, it is automatically inserted at the bottom when the page renders.


Resolved Issues

No resolved issues were included in the 24.0 release.